91-Year-Old Can't Resist Doing Crossword Puzzle, Ends Up Being $116K Artwork

I feel like when you reach a certain age — anywhere past 82 — you can pretty much do whatever you want without consequence. When I turn 82, I'm just going to start shoplifting everywhere I go and wearing a diaper, not out of necessary, out of convenience.

The fact of the matter is a 90-year-old just doesn't have that much time left, so punishing them for doing something bad just doesn't feel worth it.

One crossword-obsessed lady, however, is really putting my theory on this subject to the test.

A 91-year-old woman visited a modern art museum in Germany with a group of seniors and came upon a work by Danish avant-garde artist Arthur Koepcke. The piece had a small crossword puzzle in it, with a sign that read "insert words."

Now, I'm not sure what this piece of art was supposed to invoke, but this older lady decided to take the instructions at face value and used a ballpoint pen to just go ahead and solve the crossword.

I can only guess that when she saw that no one had written in any answers, she must've just assumed that no one else was as dope as her at crosswords.


The work in question was reportedly worth $116,000.

"The lady told us she had taken the notes as an invitation to complete the crossword," a police spokesman explained to The Telegraph. "We will let the lady know that the collector took the damage to the work in good humour, so she doesn't have a sleepless night."

Yeah, like I said, no consequences. And we are just taking her word for it that she'd made a mistake. I like to think she knew exactly what she was doing and knew she'd get away with it with her “I'm old” super powers.