Make The Whole Place Shimmer

10 Taylor Swift Eras Tour Fan Outfits Only Swifties Would Understand

#SwiftTokers will never go out of style with these creative ideas.

by Jess Ferguson

When you think *happiness*, I hope you think *that little black dress* — or of any other outfits fans have worn to the Taylor Swift Eras Tour. As the Grammy winner travels the world in celebration of her most iconic moments, her concerts have been shaping up to be some of the biggest fashion events of the year. With Swift’s career spanning 17 years and 10 studio albums, there’s a lot of material to cover in her three-hour set and endless possibilities for concert attire for those lucky enough to have snagged tickets. Swifties are known to be just as detailed and dedicated as the singer-songwriter herself, and just a few weekends into tour, it’s clear fans’ ‘fits at the Eras Tour are no exception.

There are several directions fans can choose to take: Should you go with the innocent vibes of T-Swift’s eponymous debut album? Full-on baddie à la Reputation? Or will you lean into the memes and dress as Becky from that viral Tumblr post? There really are so many Taylor Swift style eras to choose from. Luckily, Swifties have taken to TikTok (or #SwiftTok, if you will) to give the fandom some creative ideas and share their own ‘fits. Among the sea of Eras Tour outfit ideas, you’ll find ones for the crafty Swifties, as well as the low-maintenance ones; casual and done up; and everything in between. So if you haven’t decided what you’re going to wear, or if you were a victim of the Ticketmaster fiasco and want to live vicariously through the attending fandom, stay fearless. Below, you’ll find 10 fun ideas Taylor Swift Eras Tour outfit ideas from TikTokers that only true Swifties would ever understand.

What To Wear To A Taylor Swift Concert

1. Everything Everywhere All At Once


Who says you have to choose just one era? Fans are telling Tay, “I’ll show you every version of yourself,” by designing or assembling ‘fits incorporating some (or even all!) of her eras. Varying their hair, makeup, accessories, shoes, and outfits, Swifties are creating a sort of Frankenswift hybrid with all her top looks.

2. Straight Outta Music Videos


With dozens of music videos to the multi-hyphenate’s name — some of them with multiple outfit changes — there’s a ton of inspo for Swifties to draw from in their lewks. For those with an abundance of patience and creativity, some are recreating her iconic “Bejeweled” ‘fit to make the whole stadium shimmer.

3. Tour ‘Fit (Taylor’s Version)


Across Swift’s tours, nearly everything has changed, from her hair to her music style, but one thing remains the same: her love for sparkles. In her song “Paper Rings,” she hard launches this adoration, declaring, “I like shiny things.” Whether it’s colorful tassel dresses from Fearless, colorful two-piece sets from 1989, or the navy sequin dress from Reputation, you can almost guarantee she’ll be shining just for her fans. Swifties have taken her core style and made it their own, often pairing it with cowboy boots as a recall to her earlier eras.

4. All Too Niche References


Jimmy Fallon — with help of Mama Swift — revealed footage of TayTay post-Lasik surgery in a hilarious, endlessly memeable video, and fans took it and ran with it. One Swiftie (above) decided to recreate the look, complete with the banana that Swift struggled to eat. Since the fandom is so tight-knit, there are loads of inside jokes being used as tour outfit inspo, including the hints Swift’s dropped in her Instagram posts and music videos. Some fans paid tribute to this by dressing as Speak Now Easter eggs. (It has to be next, right??). The more niche the joke, the better.

5. It’s Time To... Begin Again


Some might attribute Swift’s self-titled album as her start in music, but it dates back a bit further. At just 12 years old, she sang the national anthem at a Philadelphia 76ers game in 2002, her biggest audience at the time. (Little did she know she would be the one selling out arenas when she got older.) One Swiftie paid tribute to Miss Americana in her original form with a near-exact replica of the ‘fit.

6. Merch, But Make It Fashion


Whether you’re still holding onto your merch from elementary school, you’ve purchased the latest Eras Tour merch, or you’re one of the lucky ones who bought a cardigan, you can easily style your merch into your Eras ‘fit. These two fans threw it back with their T-shirts from Swift’s earliest eras, but some are putting a little more of a modern twist on it with their Midnights apparel.

7. Main Character Energy


If Swifties are going to do one thing, it’s commit to the bit. Sure, it’s easy to recreate an outfit the Cats star has worn or even rep an album era, but embodying a song title is on another level. This fan proved they’re definitely the main character when they dressed as the willow tree from Swift’s Evermore song “willow.” Don’t be surprised if you see people dressing as a getaway car, the teardrops on Swift’s guitar, or a white horse.

8. For The Squad

If you’re going to Eras Tour with your version of Swift’s infamous squad, you might want to divide and conquer, assigning one era to each person. Hopefully there won’t be any bad blood over who gets which album.



To an outsider, this fan ‘fit might appear to be just a ruffly green look, but hardcore Swifties will know she is the dog that Rebekah dyed key lime green in the song “The Last Great American Dynasty.” There’s a strong chance fans will get increasingly creative and specific to test how well fans know Swift’s music.

10. Little Misunderstood


From “I’m a Barbie on the boardwalk” to “chasing maple leaf status,” there are several misheard lines in Swift’s music that instantly became fandom jokes. Probably the most iconic is “got a long list of ex-lovers” being misheard as “all the lonely Starbucks lovers” in “Blank Space” — even Tay’s mom heard it. Fans chose to recreate this misunderstanding for their Eras show look, and it’s nothing short of iconic.