This Tesla Owner Scared The Crap Out Of Other Drivers Using Auto-Pilot


With all of the different technological advancements happening everyday within the auto industry, you can't help but wonder when these new, nifty features will start to impact our lives directly.

If you happened to be on the road with this Tesla-driving YouTube prankster, however, consider yourself impacted!

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube by Magic of Rahat, we're introduced to modern-pranking which involves a brand new Tesla and a bunch of other confused drivers.

Using the Tesla's auto-pilot feature, Rahat is able to have the car drive without him behind the wheel.

Now, there's no doubt that Teslas can do amazing things. Hell, it even inspired one 17-year-old kid to take on the stock market and save up enough money so he could buy his own. But an auto-pilot feature? That's awesome!

As other drivers take a peek into the head-turning Model S, they can't fathom how the car continues to navigate down the road without a driver. Are they stoned? Does this car just have a mind of its own? They just can't figure it out.

Let's just say Elon Musk is making the world a better place with quality electric vehicles and priceless pranks.

So far, the video has managed to rack up more than 1.4 million views.

Check out the hilarious prank above for a closer look!

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