This Guy's Tesla Used Its Autopilot Feature To Avoid A Major Wreck


An Ohio man avoided crashing into a truck apparently thanks to his Tesla's autopilot system.

Dash cam video posted to YouTube by user Joshua Brown begins with him driving down an interstate highway while listening to an audiobook.

The highway soon merges with another, with Brown in the right lane.

Seconds after the merge, a truck attempts to go from the far left lane all the way to the right in order to make a nearby exit.

The truck apparently doesn't see Brown, and in the caption of the video, Brown admits he “wasn't watching in that direction,” but he had the the autopilot for the Tesla Model S engaged.

Just as the truck is about to hit Brown, you can see the Tesla quickly swerve to the right.

Brown wrote his car, nicknamed “Tessy,” gave a warning chime to indicate it was taking over before swerving out of the way.

The Tesla, which Brown has owned since last July, appears to stay on the far side of the lane so the truck can pass in front of Brown, who then honks his horn.

Brown wrote,

There was a group of women in the black sedan to my left, and they went nuts about the guy and what he did (all kinds of gesturing in their car). Once I was beside the truck as it slowed down on the ramp, the guy gestured a 'sorry!' I gave him, 'it's okay' wave.

He went on to call his Model S “the best car [he has] ever owned” and praise Tesla CEO Elon Musk for doing an “excellent job.”

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