Guy's DIY Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Halloween Costume Is Smoking... Literally

When it comes to homemade costumes, the most creative outfits normally end up being the most hilarious.

If you're still looking for some spooky Halloween costume ideas that will truly make you stand out this year, look no further.

You can offend those around you by rocking a slutty Harambe suit, or you can refine the meaning of sexy costumes by wearing a creepy vagina mask on your face.

If assassinated gorillas and terrifying genitals aren't really your jam, don't worry.

We just found a clever new Halloween costume that's guaranteed to make you look smokin' hot. Literally.

Behold, the smoking Samsung Galaxy Note 7 costume.

An Imgur user who goes by the name excit3d is the mastermind behind this creative DIY costume and I have to say, this outfit is straight fire.

If you're wondering how the hell he managed to make this hazardous costume, don't fret.

You'll be glad to know that excit3d posted a step-by-step guide.


Apparently, all you have to do is hot glue some Samsung boxes to a shirt of your choice, then feed a hose through the top and bottom of the boxes.


The end of the hose is strategically situated near the neck hole of the shirt, which allows you to vape smoke into the tube, making your phones look like they're smoking.


Unfortunately, a lot of people mistook excit3d's playful outfit as a suicide bomber costume, rather than a smoking Samsung suit.


However, excit3d addressed these concerns in his Imgur post, writing,

Just a disclaimer, as many people are seeing this and thinking it's a terrorist thing or supposed to be a suicide vest, the Galaxy Note 7 sizzles and catches on fire which is really shitty, but it doesn't “explode" like everyone in the media is saying. So though it may loosely resemble a suicide vest, that was not my intent. I'm making fun of Samsung, not ISIS.

If that's not enough to make you die of laughter, you'll be glad to know that this sizzling ensemble is also part of a couples costume.


Apparently, this year excit3d's girlfriend is dressing up as a firefighter to go along with the fiery phone costume.

So yeah, I think it's safe to say that these two are definitely going to be the hottest couple at their Halloween party.

No really, these two are going to have a blast in these costumes.

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