This Halloween You Can Be The Sexy Harambe Of Every Frat Bro's Dreams


You know a meme has realized its full potential when it becomes a Halloween costume.

And that's exactly what's happening right now to the meme of the year, Haramabe.

I just want to say upfront, I'm sad about how that zoo in Cincinnati handled the tricky situation when a toddler fell into the late gorilla's enclosure and was in danger, but I'm also tired of hearing about him.

But here we are. It's October 1, four months after the incident, and you can now dress up as a sexy gorilla on Halloween for just $54.99.

Let's be honest. This costume would not exist if this whole Harambe thing did not happen.

But I wish was more upfront with the labeling of this costume, which is listed as "sexy gorilla."

It's obviously supposed to be sexy Harambe, not sexy Gorilla.

Even as I write these words, I am in disbelief.

I swear to God, I hope I don't have the following conversation with someone at a Halloween party this year:

Me: Hey, what's your costume? Are you a monkey?

Girl in sexy Harambe costume: No, I'm sexy Harambe, duh!

I also just want to point out -- this sexy gorilla costume is only available in plus size.

What are you trying to say,!

Of course, men's gorilla costumes that actually resemble the animal have been on the market for years now. I'm sure Halloween stores will see a spike in gorilla costume sales this year regardless.

Ugh. The only scary part about this Halloween costume is the fact that we are STILL talking about Harambe.

I don't know why I'm surprised, though.

This year you can also wear a sexy Donald Trump costume. I'm sure some people will have a really hard time deciding which of the two to wear since they're both equally unnecessary.