An Open Letter To The Haters Who Judge Me When I Eat Chipotle

by Robert Anthony

Ever since Chipotle's unfortunate journey into the land of bad press surrounding an FDA-led investigation of a multi-state E. Coli outbreak, people have been bashing those who still choose to eat Chipotle.

I'll be the very first person to say you should probably mind your own business. It's almost as if you are paying for my lunch. It's almost as if you're certain you can do me one better.

It's almost as if you, too, weren't eating Chipotle just a few months ago. If I scroll through your Instagram photos, I'm sure I'll find a picture you took of a really delicious-looking burrito bowl accompanied by a decent amount of likes.

You're just following the Chipotle hate train because it's the cool thing to do right now. Weak.

This hypothetical train is packed with equally delusional, disgustingly judgmental haters who would rather pretend they actually like quinoa salads and other overpriced, trendy crap, than admit there's nothing wrong with eating chicken, rice and beans.

And please, stop pulling the whole McDonald's card on me because Chipotle isn't even owned by McDonald's. It became a subsidiary of McDonald's way back in 1999 just before YOU became a fan.

Since then, McD's has divested and no longer has sh*t to do with Chipotle so that argument is invalid.

Sure, I understand why, at one point, 'potle fans, including myself, distanced themselves from the Mexican grill. An E. Coli outbreak is something you're going to want to stay away from -- that much is obvious.

The argument revolves more around the fact that the fast-casual chain has done its job to repair the damage done to the brand after the outbreak -- investigation after investigation, free burrito day after free burrito day.

If I still choose to trust them with my lunch, that's my choice to make and yours to accept.

The CDC officially declared the outbreak over in February of this year.

In a statement made by a Chipotle spokesperson, Chris Arnold says,

Over the past few months we have taken significant steps to improve the safety of all of the food we serve, and we are confident that the changes we have made mean that every item on our menu is delicious and safe.

If I'm able to read this, comprehend this, still eat Chipotle and not get sick, then I'm fine and you should be, too. Stop Chipotle-shaming if you're not bringing anything to the table.


Damn, that burrito bowl was good.