Everyone's Confused About Who The Mother Is In This Photo

From time to time, the Internet philosophically enlightens us by getting to the bottom of some seriously puzzling dilemmas.

You know, dilemmas about the color of a dress and how dogs should wear pants.

Now that those pressing issues have been put to rest, we all can focus our attention on the newest thing confusing the sh*t out of everyone on social media.

Recently, Twitter user Kaylan Mahomes posted a photo that shows her alongside her mom and twin sister, and now the Internet is demanding an answer to one simple question: Who the hell is who in this photograph?!

The caption of the photo reads, "Mom, twin & me," but all three of these ladies basically look like the same person.

So, is this some kind of photoshop scheme, or are there really three different people in this selfie?

If there's one thing the world loves, it's a Twitter debate of epic proportions, so naturally, people are weighing in on this argument and coming up with all sorts of logical explanations as to which woman is, in fact, the mother.

Before you start fighting with your family and friends over this, you should know I've already found the answer.

Kaylan Mahomes recently took a photo with her mom and twin sister, and now Twitter users are losing their minds over one important question: Who's the mom in this picture?

Mom, twin & me.❤️ pic.twitter.com/2l5QEfYX1f — Kaylan Mahomes (@kaylan_17) January 28, 2016

Well, the answer is actually in Kaylan's caption of this tweet. Yep, Kaylan can be found on the right, her twin is in the middle and her mother is seated on the left.

#momtwin&me my mom thought it was a pic. pic.twitter.com/fbQvbYRj4K — Kaylan Mahomes (@kaylan_17) January 30, 2016

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