No One Can Figure Out How Dogs Would Wear Pants (Photo)

by Taylor Ortega

I am so relieved we as a society are finally talking about dog pants.

Brave members of the Internet community are speaking out over which method of dress is most appropriate for particularly modest or professional dogs.

On Monday, Facebook user Utopian Raspberry - Modern Oasis Machine posted a photo depicting two dogs with two very different approaches to pants.

Posted by Utopian Raspberry - Modern Oasis Machine on Monday, December 28, 2015

The issue had the online community leaning hard on one answer.

David, bless him, brought everyone back to his or her senses when he proposed a far more pressing question.

If, and only if, a dog finds a pair of pants it feels confident in and is able to wiggle into, we as humans should live and let pants.

Otherwise, our only duty is to butt out.

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