16 Ways People Have Almost Crossed The Line With Chocolate Chip Cookies


Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie day, people!

Aside from celebrating by shoving a massive amount of chocolate chip cookies into my face after work, I put together this list for you of times people almost took chocolate chip cookies way too far.


Really, you can't go too far when it comes to chocolate chip cookie creations. All chocolate chip cookies were created equal... ly delicious.

In honor of this glorious day, we've compiled a collection of scrumptious sweets that will tickle your tastebuds and — if you're me — fulfill your fantasies.

I hope these cookie creations inspire you to unleash your inner cookie monster today:

There's definitely more chocolate than cookie here.

I'm sorry, bacon AND bourbon? That cookie packs a punch.

These giant chocolate chip cookies make a good ice cream sandwich...

... but you might as well put your ice cream in a chocolate chip cookie cone.


Why not smother your milkshakes with chocolate chip cookies?

When it comes to cookies and ice cream, there are no rules.

I wouldn't even know where to start with this cake.

Chocolate chip cookies ON a massive chocolate chip cookie? Genius.

Screw ice cream. Put a giant marshmallow between two chocolate chip cookies instead.

Is this really necessary? Yes, yes it is.

Who's the real cookie monster: these macarons or me?


Sure, just take a shot of milk out of a little cookie cup. Why not?

Pretzel on a chocolate chip cookie? ANYTHING GOES.


Yep, that's a legitimate cookie jar full of cookies. I'm getting dizzy.

I don't even know where these cookies end or begin. Can someone check my heart rate?


I'm going to pass out.

To be honest, we can just celebrate the classic treat that is chocolate chip cookies every single day.

BRB, going to stuff my face with cookies, and YOU CAN'T STOP ME.