Cute Millennial Pink Pineapples Are Here To Ensure Our Generation Eats Its Fruit

If you were one to eschew your mom's plate of fruit back in the day, we've discovered a treat that'll make you rethink everything you've learned about the food group: a genetically modified pink pineapple.

The adorable millennial pink pineapple is not the snack you found in your lunchbox, but it could very well be the finishing touch to your glass of rosé. Thanks to its hue and resemblance to our favorite type of wine, it pretty much screams "20-something" and obviously needs to make its way onto your grocery list.

Del Monte has genetically modified the summer fruit to take on a new tint, according to Thrillist, and we can't wait to give it a try. Seriously, what's not to like? It's catered especially to our generation's favorite things: a light pink tinge and its potential pairings with our beloved light pink wine.

"Crop improvement happens all the time, and genetic engineering is just one form of it ... Scientists make targeted changes to a plant's genetic makeup to give the plant a new desirable trait," a representative for the FDA told NBC News.

It certainly sounds like a win-win to us. Thank you, science, for being so invested in millennials and our interests.

We do have good news for those dubious fruit-eaters who aren't quite convinced about the pink pineapple's majestic arrival. The fruit is safe to eat, but it's not clear when it will be available in stores.

But fear not: If you're craving something pink and sweet, there are certainly plenty of options to keep you satisfied until millennial pink pineapples make their way to grocery stores.

In case you've forgotten, rosé ice cream is here for your next Netflix binge while rosé popsicles combine Italian ices and your favorite vino. Feeling in need of carbs? Rosé doughnuts are also a thing, so pretty soon you'll forget all about that chocolate glaze that was once your go-to.

Once those pink pineapples hit the shelves, you better believe we'll be first in line at Stop n' Shop. See you there, millennials.