Rosé Popsicles Exist In New Boozy "Pop-Tail" Collection That'll Cool You Down

Nancy J. Friedman Public Relations / Plunge

Kids always feels victorious after chasing down the ice cream man, and the best way they can reward themselves is with a cool, refreshing ice pop.

Luckily, you can reminisce those summer days by adding some booze to your favorite seasonal treat with new "pop-tail" popsicles. However, once you taste a little rosé or sangria in your pop, odds are you won't feel too nostalgic.

If you find yourself in need of a thirst-quencher on a hot afternoon, look no further than these booze-infused frozen treats to fulfill your 21+ summer cravings.

Nancy J. Friedman Public Relations / Plunge

Plunge, a bar in New York City's Meatpacking District, is making summer a little sweeter with boozy popsicles that are available in three flavors: Coco Rose, Orange Pinot Gris, and Fruity Sangria. They're $10 each, which isn't too bad, right?

OK, so they're a little pricer than Mr. Softee, but let's be real: They're also a lot more delicious.

Nancy J. Friedman Public Relations / Plunge

Instead of enjoying a frozen treat after your dip in the pool with friends, taste one of these pops in front of the New York City skyline and post a picture that is totally worthy of the 'gram.

Let's face it: You've certainly grown and evolved since those childhood summers at home, so you have to take your snacking to the next level.

As lovely as these boozy ice pops look and taste, we totally understand that not everyone is located in New York City. If you can't get your hands on a pop-tail, never fear: We've got you covered.

Another New York City location, Tipsy Scoop, serves liquor-infused ice cream. You can visit the Tipsy Scoop site and have a pint sent your way.

You can even dive into Negroni-flavored desserts or spice up your Nutella-pretzel combination and make some boozy Nutella shots instead. Oh, and don't forget that booze-infused doughnuts are also an option for your grownup dessert selections.