Science Says Any Amount Of Alcohol Is Bad For You, So There Goes Your Weekend

When it comes to "drinking in moderation" on the weekends, we all know how it goes.

One minute you're sitting on your friend's rooftop responsibly sipping a vodka soda, and next thing you know, you're knocking back shots like it's nobody's damn business.

Fast forward to 4 am, and you've consumed enough booze to put a baby elephant into a coma, destroyed your favorite pair of heels, booty called your ex, stuffed five slices of pizza down your throat and someone managed to capture every cringe-worthy moment along the way via Snapchat.

Yep, sounds like a pretty successful night.

That is, until you wake up the next morning and realize your body is punishing you for your bad drinking decisions by giving you a two-day hangover from hell.

We've often been told that binge drinking is bad, but "drinking in moderation" is perfectly fine for your health.

However, it turns out we may have all been living a booze-infused lie.

Sally Davies, UK Chief Medical Officer, recently stated there is no "safe level of drinking," and the US Department of Health and Health Services even rescinded their statement that light alcohol consumption could lead to a lower risk of heart disease.

Yep, thanks to public entities like the World Health Organization, alcohol has certainly been getting a pretty bad rep lately.

Over the last 10 years, WHO has been studying the dangers of drinking. And in 2010, they declared drinking was "harmful on a population-wide scale.

Now, many scientists have claimed that any amount of drinking is bad for you, since there is a correlation between alcohol consumption and risk of cancer.

As you can imagine, alcohol companies aren't too pleased about a bunch of lab coats badmouthing their products, so many boozy brands are now calling out these claims as "junk science".

This all leaves us with one very important question: Which side should we be believe?

Well, a winner has not yet been declared in this boozy junk science battle, so in the meantime, I think we should all grab a drink and wait for this debate to unfold.

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Hey, boozy ignorance is bliss, right?