Female Makeup Artist Flawlessly Transforms Herself Into Iconic Rappers (Photos)

From contouring your cheeks like a Kardashian to stealing the face of your favorite superhero, it's not hard to see the power of makeup is pretty much limitless.

Remember when we showed you that makeup guru who transforms himself into all sorts of stunning celebs?

Well apparently, he isn't the only one out there with a penchant for pop culture and cosmetics.

Sint Maarten-based makeup artist Magali recently set out to transform herself into a mind-blowing series of male celebrities and hip-hop artists, using nothing but strategically placed makeup and a little bit of imagination.

Magali posts all of her incredible makeovers to her Instagram account, and over the past few months, she transformed herself into all sorts of iconic rappers.

Seriously, this woman is so damn good at what she does, it's almost scary.

Take a look at the pictures below to see some of her amazing makeup transformations.

Lil Wayne

Rick Ross

The Game



Meek Mill


August Alsina

Big Sean



The Notorious BIG


Kanye West

Check out the video below for a closer look at her incredible makeup skills.