Makeup Artist Unbelievably Transforms Himself Into Even More Celebs (Photos)

by Gillian Fuller
Paolo Ballesteros/Instagram

Does the name Paolo Ballesteros ring a bell?

It should: Back in October, we published a story about the Filipino television personality and his mind-blowing skills with a makeup brush.

In case you're unfamiliar, Ballesteros' specialty is in transformations -- specifically, transforming himself into various celebrities (most recently Kim Kardashian, Dakota Johnson and Kylie Jenner) using cosmetics and nothing else.

The beyond-talented makeup pro has spent the past several months perfecting those skills under the watchful eye of his 727,000-plus Instagram followers, and we have to say, he is unbelievable.

He even creates believable boobs using makeup -- which is a skill we flat-chested ladies could benefit from.

If only we were so adept with our own makeup.

You can check out Ballesteros' latest work below and follow him on Instagram for future updates.

Dakota Johnson

Kylie Jenner

Kim Kardashian

Angelina Jolie

Jennifer Lopez

Kiera Knightley

Lady GaGa



Cate Blanchett

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