This Slow-Motion Video Of A Diamond Being Crushed Is Weirdly Mesmerizing

If you're looking for a way to throw $4,000 out the window, there are all sorts of ways you can spend your money.

You can embrace your inner bride-to-be by copping a pair of jewel-encrusted Cinderella shoes for the day you walk down the aisle, go all out on an epic bachelorette party abroad or, you know, rip the rock out of your big-ass engagement ring and crush it into a bajillion tiny little pieces.

OK, I know what you're probably thinking.

What the hell would inspire someone to smash a dazzling diamond?

Well, the answer is quite simple: science, of course!

Recently, popular YouTube account Hydraulic Press Channel decided to see what would happen if a diamond and a hydraulic press went head to head in a competition of strength.

Now, if you think back to your days of high school science, you may recall diamonds are pretty damn strong.

In fact, diamonds are among the hardest substances known to mankind, falling behind a synthetic material called wurtzite boron nitride and a material that comes from meteorites called lonsdaleite.

Diamonds have a molecular structure held together by an abundance of carbon atoms with covalent bonds, so it takes a great deal of energy to separate the atoms in a diamond.

However, that being said, it turns out a diamond is still no match for the power of a hydraulic press.

If you take a look at this channel's mesmerizing YouTube video, you'll quickly realize this shiny lil' guy never stood a chance.

Yep, it appears the diamond barely even put up a fight as the machine descended upon this brilliant piece of bling and effortlessly turned it into a pile of sparkly dust.

Check out the awesome video at the top for a closer look at the whole diamond crushing process. The slow motion part is about two minutes into the video.

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