Zendaya and Tom Holland said they would want a 'Spider-Man' role for Timothée Chalamet.

Zendaya And Tom Have The Perfect Spider-Man Character For Timothée Chalamet

I need this to happen.

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Could our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man have a new friend or foe in his future? It was recently revealed that Tom Holland will reportedly star in at least three more Spider-Man films after the Dec. 17 release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, and that leaves a lot of superhero fans wondering where Peter Parker’s story will go and what bad guy he’ll face next. In a Dec. 8 interview with The Associated Press, Zendaya and Tom Holland revealed they would want a Spider-Man role for Timothée Chalamet. The stars shared they could totally see him being Spider-Man’s foe despite Chalamet being a super nice guy.

Zendaya shared that many fans want Chalamet to be cast as Peter’s friend Harry Osborn, a role that has previously been portrayed by both James Franco and Dane DeHaan in the previous Spider-Man sagas. “I think he would be a good friend of Spider-Man. Or a foe of Spider-Man,” the actress said. Osborn is well-known for being one of Parker’s best friends, until he adopts the villainous alter-ego Green Goblin.

Holland also chimed in with his thoughts on the matter and said, “I think it would be good to bring him in as a FOS (Friend of Spider-Man) and then he kind of becomes bad, and then he can be a villain. He'd be a good villain," Holland said.

He added that Chalamet’s villain story could show him starting out as part of Peter’s inner circle of friends and follow his downfall, similar to both Franco and DeHaan’s portrayals of Osborn. “He would start as a gang member and then we would have to kick him out of the gang.” Holland went on to share other potential storylines that would involve Chalamet playing Harry: “Maybe he comes for MJ and I'm like, 'Whoa, Harry! You better watch where you're movin' around my girl, bro!'"

Zendaya added that this would be Chalamet’s origin story. To which Jacob Batalon (Ned Leeds) responded, “getting kicked out of the friend group.” Of course, fans know Zendaya and Chalamet already have an incredibly strong bond, which they showed off while promoting their movie Dune earlier in 2021.

What makes this all the more wholesome is the fact that Chalamet auditioned for the role of Spider-Man in 2017's Spider-Man: Homecoming. In fact, he felt so strongly about the role that he revealed he wanted to march back to the studio to re-audition. “I read twice and I left sweating in a total panic,” Chalamet said in his 2018 Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards speech. “I called my agent, [UTA’s] Brian Swardstrom, and I said, ‘Brian, I thought about this a lot and I have to go back and knock on that door and read again,’ and he told me the story of Sean Young and how in an attempt to become Catwoman had scared everyone away when she showed up at the studio gates in costume.”

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Recently, Chalamet was named one of Time Magazine’s Next Generation Leaders, which where the subject of superheroes came up once again. But not in the way you think. He shared that someone he looks up to gave him some advice about superhero roles. “One of my heroes — I can’t say who or he’d kick my ass — he put his arm around me the first night we met and gave me some advice... ‘No superhero movies,’” Chalamet said.

Hm, seems like Chalamet didn’t exactly follow that advice given he auditioned for the role of Spider-Man, so it’s unclear how he’d feel about jumping into a supersuit in the future.

Although there’s no official confirmation of another Spider-Man film after No Way Home — aside from those reports of another upcoming trilogy — let’s hope Zendaya and Holland have dropped a hint at producers as to who should be cast as the next foe (or friend) of Spider-Man.

Looks like we’ll have to wait and see what unfolds in Spider-Man: No Way Home, which will be released on Dec. 17, to best see where Chalamet can come into the storyline.