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These 'You' Season 5 theories guess what Joe's future will hold.

You's Season 4 Finale Set Up A Whole New Vibe For Season 5

It's giving Succession.


Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the You Season 4 finale.

For the first time since Season 1 of You, it looks like Joe Goldberg isn’t going to have to go into hiding if the series returns for Season 5. After confessing the whole truth of his murderous past to his soulmate-of-the-season Kate, she embraced the darkness rather than running from it. And conveniently enough, she also just became one of the richest people in the world after Joe killed her business magnate father. With newfound wealth and privilege, Joe was able to scrub his past clean and return to New York City as Joe Goldberg. It’s a full-circle moment, so what’s going to happen next? Here are some of the most convincing You Season 5 theories.

To say Season 4’s ending was a vibe shift would be an understatement. Unlike every other season, the last scene set up an arc where Joe wouldn’t have to move to a totally new location to start a new life under some pseudonym. Instead, he’s back in his old stomping ground of New York City, with his name totally cleared of all those pesky murders thanks to the power of mega-wealth. With money and status that he’s never had before, Joe has gone from the constant outsider scoffing at the well-off people around him to becoming the very thing he’d always looked down on.

Netflix has yet to officially renew You for a fifth season, but if we do get to see the next chapter of Joe’s journey, here’s where it could go.

1. Season 5 will put the “gold” in Goldberg.

It seems pretty obvious that Joe’s newfound wealth will be the centerpiece of a fifth season, but the question is how he will use all this new power. The new season is primed to take on a whole new den of sin: the world of rich, cruel businessmen. Think Succession, but with more killing.

2. Ellie will return to expose Joe.


You showrunner Sera Gamble revealed that there were plans for Jenna Ortega’s Season 2 character Ellie to return in Season 4, but it didn’t come to fruition since Ortega was busy filming Wednesday at the time. So the door is still open for Ellie to come back, if Ortega’s schedule allows, and her reappearrance would mean huge things for Joe. She’s one of the only people who knows the truth about Joe, and now that he’s kind of famous, she can easily track him down and expose his lies.

3. Ellie will team up with Nadia.

Ellie may know about Joe’s L.A. murders, but she’s completely behind-the-times with what he was up to in Madre Linda and London. Enter, Nadia. Joe may have stuck her in prison with a last-minute framejob, but if Ellie can track her down, she’d be the perfect person to fill her in on every terrible thing Joe has done since L.A.

4. Joe will try to kill Kate.

Joe may think he’s finally found his soulmate in Kate, but he also thought that about Beck... and Love... and Natalie... and Marienne. At this point, it’s just expected that Joe will get tired of his current obsession and have to kill her for some reason. Sorry, Kate, but your days may be numbered.

5. Joe will reunite with his brother.

Season 3’s finale dropped a bombshell that Joe has a brother — well, presumably a half-brother. In his adolescence, he was able to find his mom, only to learn she was raising another son named Jacob. There were no more details about this half-sibling in Season 4, but now that Joe is back home in NYC, he may run into a familial blast from the past. Let’s just hope Jacob doesn’t share Joe’s... erm... specific hobby.

6. Mooney’s is back.


In Season 4’s last moments, Kate mentioned that Joe had bought a bookstore that was about to close. Though it isn’t named, it’s probably his old haunt Mooney’s, which also infamously houses Joe’s very first glass cage. Yep, we’re going back to where it all began if Season 5 does get picked up.