The 'You' Season 3 finale heavily suggests that Season 4 will take place in Paris, France.

We Need To Discuss This Huge You Season 4 Theory

Is Joe in Paris really happening, or will the show go in a different direction?


Joe Goldberg is on the move again, and You fans think they have a pretty good idea of where he’s going to end up this time. Since each season of Netflix’s thriller takes place in a different setting, it’s pretty much confirmed that Season 4 won’t return to quaint little Madre Linda, and the Season 3 finale dropped a huge hint about the next location. Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the You Season 3 finale. That cliffhanger ending had pretty much everyone wondering if You Season 4 will take place in Paris.

After blowing up his Madre Linda home (and his homicidal wife along with it), Joe changed his name to Nick and started a new life in Paris in the final moments of Season 3. Why Paris? Well, he’s on the hunt for his new “soulmate,” Marienne, who confided in him her dream of living in the City of Lights before she disappeared without a trace. Naturally, Paris was the first place Joe thought to look for his runaway love, and it seems like a big hint that Season 4 will be set there.

But fans shouldn’t be so quick to assume this. After all, You is known for its fake-outs — remember when viewers were led to believe Joe’s neighbor would be a massive part of Season 3, only for Natalie to be murdered in the first episode. Notably, Joe said that he would search the world for Marienne in his closing voiceover, which opens the door for Season 4 to be set anywhere. Or maybe it’s a clue that the next season will have various settings, as Joe travels all over Europe in search of Marienne.


Another big theory is that Season 4 could take place in Florida. This is largely based on Caroline Kepnes’ You novels, on which the show is loosely based. At the end of the third book, You Love Me, Joe relocates from a small Pacific Northwest town to Florida, where he opens a bookstore/bar and it’s teased he is about to fixate on a new woman. Although You has diverged from the books more and more with each season, Florida is also a pretty notable location in the show, since that’s where Ellie ran off to after Season 2.

TBH, the Paris setting does feel like a pretty safe bet given that Season 3 ending, but You has tricked fans before, so viewers will just have to wait to see where Joe winds up next when Season 4 finally drops, hopefully sometime in 2022.