I Couldn't Help But Wonder...
The 'And Just Like That' Season 1 finale teased Samantha Jones may return in a potential Season 2.

And Just Like That Hinted Samantha Could Appear In A Second Season

Season 2 isn't confirmed yet, but if that happens, everyone's favorite publicist might be in it.


And just like that, an old friend made her long-awaited return. Well... kind of, at least. The first season finale of SATC’s buzzy sequel series And Just Like That addressed that empty fourth seat at the brunch table, and it could be setting up a big return if the show gets a second season. So let’s break down the question every fan is asking: Will Samantha be in And Just Like That Season 2? That finale sure seemed to hint at it.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from And Just Like That Season 1, Episode 10. The Samantha issue has been a huge part of And Just Like That even before the sequel series premiered. In the decade since the second SATC movie was released in 2010, Kim Cattrall has made her disinterest in playing Samantha Jones again very clear time and again. So, when the new HBO Max series was announced, it was no real surprise that Cattrall declined to be part of it. Despite Cattrall’s adamant objections, though, fans have continued to clamor for her return as Samantha, and the Feb. 3 finale episode opened the door wide for her to appear in a potential second season of And Just Like That if she decides to.

Samantha has made her voice heard in small moments throughout the first season in text messages with Carrie. Although she initially ignored Carrie’s texts — having left New York for London after Carrie fired her as her publicist — she soon began sending her trademark snarky commentary about Carrie’s dating life. In the finale, the two estranged besties finally met up in person... although it didn’t happen on camera. Carrie traveled to Paris to spread Big’s ashes from the bridge where Big professed his love for her, and while across the pond, she was able to schedule time for cocktails with Samantha.


Though viewers didn’t get to see the reunion, the very fact that it happened is enough to lay the groundwork for Samantha potentially making her big return in And Just Like That. After all, the whole in-show reasoning behind her absence was her bad blood with Carrie, and now the two have seemed to bury the hatchet. And if the series *does* get picked up for another season, it already sounds like it’ll be jumping around to more locations than just New York City, since the finale ended with Miranda deciding to move to Los Angeles with Che for pilot season.

Obviously, there are still a lot of variables involved — most notably, Cattrall’s long-held insistence on moving on from Samantha and HBO Max not yet confirming if a Season 2 will even happen — but at least fans have a glimmer of hope that their four favorite ladies may reunite once again.