Bachelor Nation
Salley Carson is rumored to be a part of 'Bachelor In Paradise' Season 8

Wait — Is Salley Actually Going To Be On Bachelor In Paradise?

This may be the most bizarre saga in Bachelor Nation history.


As soon as the Bachelor In Paradise Season 8 trailer dropped, fans everywhere got hung up on one key detail: a rogue vibrator apparently belonging to a mysterious (possible) contestant named Salley. It was a strange detail that finally got explained in the Oct. 3 episode of BIP Season 8... sort of. The mysterious vibrator apparently belongs to Salley Carson, who may or may not be joining Paradise this season.

You might not remember Salley from Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor, because she was there for a blink-and-you-miss-it moment at the very beginning, even before the limo entrances. She was offered and then rejected Clayton’s first rose that season, citing her recently ended engagement as the very reasonable reason she could not go forward with being on the show. But that may not have been her final foray into Bachelor Nation.

In the Oct. 3 episode of BIP Season 8, Lace Morris was in the women’s living quarters when she noticed a suitcase labeled “Salley.” She alerted some of the other women, and they opened it up to find hair extensions, a waffle iron, and, yes, the infamous vibrator. The women realized the suitcase probably belonged to Salley from Clayton’s season, so they turned to Wells Adams for some answers.

Audiences were treated to a full reenactment as Wells told the women “The Saga of Salley’s Suitcase.” Basically, according to Wells, Salley wanted another chance with the franchise, so she had plans to join Paradise for Season 8, but because she was a flight risk after Clayton’s season, the show sent a producer to escort her to the airport. The producer got there, but Salley said she couldn’t come outside because she had “explosive diarrhea,” Wells said. Then, when the producer rang the doorbell, a man answered the door and said Salley wasn’t there at all.

The story only gets weirder from there. The producer tracked Salley down and Salley brought them to her ex-fiancé’s house so she could have one last conversation with him. While Salley talked to her ex, the producer hid in the trunk of the car for four hours.

Finally, the next day, Salley was ready to fly to Mexico for Paradise… or, at least she thought so. After checking her luggage at the airport, she started to get cold feet. Wells explained that the producer asked, “Do you want to stay with someone who has said that they don’t love you, or do you want to go to Paradise and find maybe your person?”

From there, Wells said Salley decided to stay home, but even though she didn’t get on the plane, her luggage did, and that’s how her suitcase wound up in Mexico without her... At least, that’s how it went down in Wells’ story. How much of that is actually true remains to be seen — but come on, you can’t trust everything this show tells you at face value, can you?

Salley didn’t show up in the Oct. 3 episode, but Wells said she might still make an appearance on the beach at some point. “As of today, she says she’s coming. Is she coming today, is she coming tomorrow? I don’t know,” Wells said.

If Salley *does* show up in Paradise, she may have her sights set on Justin Glaze, according to some Stagecoach-related gossip saying the two were flirty at the music festival. This intel, of course, upset Genevieve Parisi, since she was going after Justin’s rose. Only time will tell how that drama will go down, but one thing is sure: If Salley ends up on Paradise, audiences will get treated to the next part of the great Salley saga — and hopefully she’ll actually be able to tell her side of the story.

Season 8 of Bachelor In Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.