Georgina Sparks' exit from Season 2 of the 'Gossip Girl' reboot was sudden.

With Georgina's Messy Exit, Will The GG Reboot Lose Its Spark?

She has to come back... right?


The Gossip Girl reboot has needed a hint of the OG show’s flavor from the jump. Sure, Max’s sexcapades and Monet’s mess gave fans jolts of the salacious energy that made the first series so great, but the ridiculous melodramatics were missing. Where were the fake babies? The threesomes with Hilary Duff? The Thanksgiving meltdowns set to a Jason Derulo classic? Thankfully, the show called in a ringer to revive the chaos: Georgina Sparks. The troublemaker brought campy fun back to the show, but as soon as she appeared, she vanished. So, is there any hope Georgina will return to Gossip Girl again after her exit in Season 2, Episode 7?

Warning: Spoilers for Gossip Girl Season 2, Episode 7 follow. Georgina delivered much-needed levity to HBO Max’s Gossip Girl reboot when she arrived halfway into its second season. The focus on Julien and Zoya’s overly complicated and drawn-out feud bogged down Season 1, and although Season 2 got off to a great start in letting loose the deliciously power-hungry Monet, she didn’t really have anyone to battle it out with after Julien became a dull pacifist. Even Max, the show’s answer to Chuck Bass, was domesticated by a new relationship. The reboot needed some real drama, and fast. Enter Georgina Sparks, with a purse full of roofies, poison, and a cell phone more dangerous than a gun. (Although there’s probably an actual gun in there too.)

Every single over-enunciated line out of Michelle Trachtenberg’s mouth was more absurdly over-the-top than the last one. Here are some of the highlights:

  • “Brooklyn Heights? I’d rather be back at Jesus camp than be caught dead here.”
  • “I would think twice about that superstore wine. Or maybe it was your toothpaste. Don’t you love Russian roulette?”
  • “You need to speak up, sweetie. I’m outside of a Barry’s where someone spiked their alkaline water with bacteria from the dark web.”
  • “Jesus f*cking Christ! And I can say that because he and I are good now.”
  • “I knew you had a little Sparks in your blood, and not just because I gave you that transfusion while you slept.”

When Georgina called out Kate Keller’s new version of Gossip Girl, it felt like a commentary on the reboot versus the original show: “Boring! It needs more drama. Blood. Pizazz.” Of course, she was right, and she brought just that by carelessly ruining anything in sight, casually drugging Kate numerous times, and even spilling tea about Dan and Serena’s grown-up life.


But sadly, Georgina grew bored of GG and made her exit after just two episodes, leaving fans to wonder whether the show will be any more exciting after her brief stint.

But don’t worry, Upper East Siders. Although Georgina may be gone for now, there’s good reason to believe the Gossip Girl reboot will get her back soon enough. After all, Georgina was infamous for popping up suddenly in the original Gossip Girl, usually at the height of its dramatic moments. Hopefully the new series will take that cue from its predecessor and keep giving fans more Georgina as often (and chaotically) as possible.