Georgina Sparks returned in the 'Gossip Girl' reboot and brought a dramatic twist.

Georgina Sparks Is Back & More Unhinged Than Ever

Let's unpack her latest scheme.


Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Gossip Girl Season 2, Episode 6. Gossip Girl fans got a blast from the past midway through Season 2 of HBO Max’s reboot series. After a number of little references, the show finally pulled the trigger on its first major Gossip Girl star reprising their role, and there couldn’t have been a more chaotic option. In true Georgina Sparks fashion, the queen of schemes brought a dramatic plot twist with her that shook up the Gossip Girl world once again, and this time, she’s even scarier than ever before.

Georgina made her grand re-entrance into the Gossip Girl universe halfway through the second season of the reboot, but it turns out, she’d actually been pulling the strings all season long. She was actually the one who Mike had been texting about Gossip Girl’s true identity, because she blackmailed him into investigating the anonymous IG account. Once she realized it was Kate Keller behind the new and improved gossip blog, Georgina pounced. After drugging and kidnapping Kate, Georgina forced her to sabotage Max’s dads’ vow renewal ceremony to show her Gossip Girl’s full chaotic potential. And although Kate told Georgina to leave her alone after the event, the drama queen teased that she’d be back to stir things up yet again.


The specifics of Georgina’s plan haven’t fully revealed themselves just yet, but it’s clear she’s plotting to take over Gossip Girl. Since she’s one of the only people in the world to know GG’s true identity, and has already proven she can strong-arm Kate into doing her bidding, she’s got a pretty solid shot at becoming the new voice of GG.

As for her end goal once she does gain control of Gossip Girl, that also seems obvious: chaos for the sake of chaos. Georgina has always been the character to bring the most unbelievable drama into the world of Gossip Girl, from convincing Dan he was the father of her baby to constantly trying to destroy Blair, so fans can expect a steep increase in the wild shenanigans in the rest of Season 2.

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