Mike's text at the end of 'Gossip Girl' Season 2, Episode 3 has fans theorizing about what he's up t...

Who Is Mike Texting On Gossip Girl? 5 Theories

The alarm bells are going off.


Gossip Girl may have met her match in Season 2... in more ways than one. Although new teacher Mike Shubin has been flirting it up with Kate, the final twist in Gossip Girl’s latest episode suggested his intentions may not be so pure. Spoiler alert: Don’t read on if you haven’t seen Gossip Girl Season 2, Episode 3. That shady moment has every fan wondering who Mike is texting on Gossip Girl, and some theories make a lot more sense than others.

Mike is probably the biggest new addition Gossip Girl brought on in Season 2, and he’s still a total enigma. First, he seemed to be Kate’s rival. Then, they become an allied force trying to expose the corrupt practice of wealthy Constance Billard parents paying off the headmistress for favors and higher grades for their kids. When Kate decided to go to Gossip Girl with that info, though, Mike became an enemy again, claiming that he wanted to go about the exposé in a more thorough way. After all that, their rollercoaster relationship hit another high as they bonded while taking care of Kate’s alcoholic father, and it finally seemed like they were about to start dating.

It definitely looks like romance is in Kate and Mike’s future, but Kate’s not the only one hiding a big secret from her new BF. After he finally asked Kate out, Mike was shown texting an unnamed contact, revealing that he’s working with (or for?) someone in trying to unmask Gossip Girl.


So, is Mike only getting close to Kate because he suspects she’s Gossip Girl? This new wrinkle throws a wrench in everything, and the big question is who could be on the other side of Mike’s texts. Let’s go over some of the prime suspects.

1. Head Teacher Duvall

This theory just makes the most sense. Head Teacher Duvall is still a mystery — all fans know about her is that she’s chummy with Mike and doesn’t appreciate Wendy’s colorful anecdotes. She knows that the former headmistress was fired because Gossip Girl exposed her, so it would only make sense that one of the first things she’d want to do is find out who runs the anonymous blog. Maybe that’s why she’s so close with Mike — she asked him to work with her to take down GG.

2. Camille de Haan

OK, put on your conspiracy theory hats: What if Mike and Camille have been secretly working together all season long with a shared goal of ruining Gossip Girl. When Mike first arrived, Kate and the other teachers picked up on the fact that he had a suspiciously close relationship with Camille, even nabbing an invite to her debutante ball. At that event, Kate caught him sneaking around Camille’s office — he said he was there trying to expose her corruption just like Kate, but he could’ve just been waiting for his bestie and quickly made up a lie to cover it up with Kate. Notably, he also begged Kate not to send the info about parents bribing the headmistress to Gossip Girl. Was he really just trying to protect his BFF Camille all along? Camille is already Kate’s archenemy, and she may be Gossip Girl’s too.

3. Davis Calloway

Nobody has suffered a bigger fall from grace at the hand of Gossip Girl than Julien’s banished father. With nothing but time on his hands now, it would make sense for Davis to devote all his anger into destroying the blog that destroyed him. Perhaps Mike is a private investigator Davis hired with all his money to get to the bottom of the Gossip Girl question once and for all.

4. Rafa Caparros

Speaking of Season 1 regulars who were annihilated by GG, disgraced predator Rafa also has all the motive in the world to want to take Gossip Girl down. Plus, he’s one of the only people who knows the teachers created Gossip Girl — he even took over as GG for a bit when he was still a teacher. Maybe Mike is actually be the latest guy Rafa has been screwing, and he convinced him to get close to the teachers and look for the perfect moment to expose GG.

5. His Editor

Or maybe Mike is texting a character who hasn’t appeared up on the show yet. TBH, Mike does kind of give off undercover journalist vibes — perhaps he’s a writer working on an exposé of Gossip Girl’s true identity. If that’s the case, then naturally he’d need to check in with his editor every so often to share intel.

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