'The Circle' fans think Xanthi and Brett will hook up in Season 5.

The Circle Fans Are Convinced The Show's First Hookup Is Coming

The first big twist of the season might make this possible.


Spoiler alert: This post contains light spoilers from the first two episodes of The Circle Season 5. Reality shows are usually a hotbed of steamy hookups, juicy showmances, and even some lasting relationships. But because of how it’s set up, The Circle has never really treaded into the romance territory. That may very well change in Season 5, though. The new season has a spicy new angle, going by the subtitle The Circle: Singles, in which every player is romantically unattached... or at least pretending to be. And after an early-season twist put two flirty strangers in closer proximity than ever, viewers are convinced Brett Robinson and Xanthi Perdikomatis will have the first-ever The Circle hookup.

Xanthi and Brett both came into the game as themselves, but that didn’t last long. The two were both victims of an immediate blocking that threatened to send them packing after just one day in the Circle apartments. But the game didn’t let them go that quickly. Instead, the two early eliminees were ushered into a new two-bedroom apartment and told they could continue to play together as a 51-year-old dog trainer named Jennifer. Obviously, they both jumped at the chance to stay in the game, but the twist also had viewers raising their eyebrows, since it meant the duo would be living together for the remainder of the show... and they had already been pretty flirty in the chats before becoming roomies.

This isn’t the first time The Circle has pulled a twist like this. In Season 2, Jack Atkins and Lisa Delcampo moved in together after both being blocked, working together to catfish as a 64-year-old psychic named John. But the sexual tension is much higher between Xanthi and Brett. Not only does the Singles theme of the season point to the possibility of a hookup, but also, the two immediately confessed an attraction upon seeing the other’s photos, and both talked about using flirting as a strategy to further their games.

Although nothing happened in the first chunk of episodes Netflix dropped, fans are already sensing what may be down the line as this season continues.

Because The Circle usually keeps its players completely separated throughout each season, this could be the show’s rare shot at actually fostering some sort of physical romance, and not just some flirtationship communicated through emojis and hashtags.

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