Ariana Grande fans are trying to figure out why the singer deactivated her Twitter account.

Ariana Suddenly Deleted Her Twitter And Fans Are Trying To Figure Out Why

What's going on?

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Ariana Grande has gone MIA from Twitter. On Dec. 24, the pop singer deactivated her Twitter account after nearly 12 years on the platform. Right now, little is known as to what impacted Grande’s decision to leave the app as she did not announce her departure to her fans. The “7 Rings” singer is very visible and transparent on social media, so the departure from Twitter has left a lot of fans wondering why Ariana Grande deactivated her Twitter account. Fans are confused and are taking to Twitter to express their feelings over the pop star’s sudden departure.

Grande is still active on Instagram and recently promoted her new Netflix film Don’t Look Up with a clip of her performing her original song for the movie “Just Look Up” on the finale of NBC’s The Voice with Kid Cudi. She’s also shared a few Christmas posts on her Instagram stories since leaving Twitter, but has yet to explain her decision. Some fans are pointing out the strange timing of her deactivation — she left the site on Christmas Eve, which was also the day Don’t Look Up premiered on Netflix. Other fans are assuming she left due to online bullying or the possibility that she has an upcoming project she’d like to drop soon. Whatever the reason, Arianators are in mourning.

While some are waiting for a new era of Grande’s music, others think the singer has dealt with tons of negativity on the platform and has left the app for good.

Grande has shared various high points of her life this past year on social media. In addition to being a first-time judge on The Voice — which she documented on Instagram — she shared elegant photos of her May wedding to Dalton Gomez, launched promos to her r.e.m beauty line, and gave fans an inside look to her Thanksgiving Day family bash.

So, given Grande’s casual use of social media, lots of fans have been posting screenshots of the singer’s deactivated Twitter account showing the “Something Went Wrong” message. Some Arianators believe that due to her many projects, the departure from Twitter is a hint at what’s to come in Grande’s music or beauty line.

Other fans simply hope Grande is OK.

Whatever Grande’s intentions were to leave the platform, let’s hope her fans will get an answer soon.