Greg Tarzan David plays Dr. Jordan Wright on 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 18.

There's A New Doctor At Grey Sloan, So Here's Everything To Know About Him

Bailey has a new mentee.


There’s a new mentee coming to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, and his name is Dr. Jordan Wright. ICYMI, Season 18 Episode 7 of Grey’s Anatomy introduced a new cast member, and the doctor is sure to have a big impact on the season. So if you’re wondering who plays Dr. Jordan Wright on Grey’s Anatomy, it’s time for you to meet Greg Tarzan Davis.

The Dec. 9 Grey’s episode, titled “Today Was a Fairytale,” introduced viewers to Dr. Jordan Wright. His first appearance came when he met Meredith Grey. As Dr. Nick Marsh’s (played by Scott Speedman) favorite resident at the Minnesota hospital, Jordan made an instant impression on Meredith. Fans also got to watch as he performed surgery with Grey, talked about Miranda Bailey’s medical talents, and revealed that he had applied for a residency at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, but the administrators denied his application. Of course, Meredith decided to help him transfer to Seattle’s Grey Sloan, where he tells Dr. Bailey about his admiration for her.

With all of this in mind, Dr. Wright is definitely being set up to become Dr. Bailey’s new mentee, and if you’re hype for the new character’s upcoming storyline, you aren’t alone. But as for Davis the actor, you may want to know a bit more about him. His past credits include Zion in Good Trouble, and he also had guest-starring roles on CBS’ All Rise and NBC’s Chicago P.D. Not only that, but Davis is also working on some big upcoming projects, including Mission: Impossible 7.

Morgan Lieberman/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Although it’s unclear exactly where Dr. Wright’s storyline is headed, in a Dec. 16 interview with Hollywood Life, Davis revealed a bit more about who his character is. He called his character a “great doctor.” Davis went on to say Dr. Wright is definitely “an overachiever,” adding, “He speaks his mind. He’s not afraid to say what he likes or doesn’t like because he’s assured of who he is.”

The actor added, “When he was younger, his teachers didn’t have faith in him. He didn’t have much money. He came from a background that wasn’t the best. He wanted something better, so he decided to become a doctor.” Davis also explained that he’s the type of character willing to “do whatever it takes” in his field to get ahead.

Then he got to the real juicy stuff, elaborating on who Jordan’s love interest could be. “That is the number one question I continue to get from everybody. Who is your love interest? It’s not Grey’s Anatomy if you don’t have a love interest,” he began. “I’m like, ‘I don’t know. If I did know, I’m not going to tell you because that will ruin the surprise,’” the actor joked.

You can watch the clip of Dr. Wright meeting Dr. Bailey below.

As one would expect, Davis also admitted that there might be some drama in store for his character and the rest of the Grey Sloan crew. “We would hope that Doctor Wright can become friends with other members at Grey Sloan, but there’s drama,” he said. “He may make some enemies. Who knows?”

Hmm, that sounds pretty sus. As you continue to wait for the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy following the series’ holiday break, you can think up what Dr. Jordan Wright might have in store for him on the show.