Gabriella Pizzolo who plays Angela Waters in HBO Max's 'Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin' and Suzie...

This Stranger Things Connection In PLL: Original Sin Is Actually Mind-Blowing

What are the odds Angela starts singing "Neverending Story"?

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Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin and Stranger Things may both be teen thrillers, but their similarities basically end there... Or do they? It turns out, the two shows share an actor in common: Gabriella Pizzolo, who plays bullied outcast Angela Waters in Original Sin’s 1990’s storyline and Dustin’s genius girlfriend Suzie in Stranger Things. So, who *is* Gabriella Pizzolo and how did she get to be a part of two uber popular, but very different, series? Here are all the deets on Pizzolo’s career, socials, and more.

Although Pizzolo has supporting roles in both shows, her characters are very pivotal to the storylines. In Stranger Things Season 3, her character Suzie teams up with Dustin to save the day for the whole crew. On top of her tech-genius being absolutely necessary for the survival of Dustin’s friends, she also delivers one of the funniest and most heartwarming moments of the season when she and Dustin sing “The Neverending Story” over walkie talkie.

In Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, Pizzolo’s character Angela Waters kicks off the whole season in a scene set at a Y2K party in 1999. In this first scene of the series, Angela begs for help from the main five popular girls and gets none, eventually fatally falling in the middle of the party. It is then revealed that these five girls who ignored Angela are the mothers of the main characters in the 2022 storyline, and Angela’s demish seems to the reason they’re being harassed by “A.” So basically, Pizzolo is pretty freaking important.

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Gabriella Pizzolo’s Career

When Pizzolo was 10 she launched her career on Broadway, playing Matilda for a full season. The next year, she had a run as a few different supporting characters in the musical Fun Home, the first Broadway musical ever to have a lesbian protagonist. In her pivot to TV, she voiced a character in the animated kids show Butterbean’s Cafe and then got her big break as Suzie in 2019.

Gabriella Pizzolo’s Age

Pizzolo started acting at a really young age, meaning she’s never been much older than her characters. Pizzolo is currently 19 and has her birthday on March 10, 2003, making her a very believable high schooler in both Stranger Things and Original Sin.

Gabriella Pizzolo’s Instagram

If you want an inside look on the set of Stranger Things and Original Sin, Pizzolo’s IG definitely delivers — her feed is full of photos from each episode and BTS shots with her castmates. It’s hard to imagine what will be next for Pizzolo with two high profile shows already under her belt, but fans can hope she keeps updating her IG with exciting insider photos from wherever she ends up next.

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