Here's Everyone Who Was Sent Home On 'The Bachelorette' Week 6

by Anna Menta

It's the only part of The Bachelorette where anything actually happens and therefore everyone's favorite part: eliminations!

Last night we said goodbye to Jack, Jonathan (aka The Tickle Monster), and Iggy, and now we're doing it all again.

Week 6 of Rachel Lindsay's The Bachelorette did not skimp on the drama, perhaps because ABC knew it would have to bring the heat to hold our interest two nights in a row.

After a full two hours of build-up in Monday night's episode, we finally got the results of Kenny and Lee's two-on-one date. And the big loser is... Lee! I can't say that I'm surprised or upset at this pre-rose ceremony elimination.

Finally free of Lee, Rachel moved on to the real rose ceremony.

So let's take a look at all the guys who had to say goodbye to Rachel and TV fame on Tuesday night:



Lee, I think I speak for everyone reading this article when I say you will not at all be missed. Goodbye, Snake!



Bye, Anthony! I'll miss your chill vibe!



Bye Josiah! I'll miss your totally misplaced confidence and total inability to actually listen to Rachel!



Unfortunately, being free of Lee the Snake came with a great price: Kenny. Goodbye, Kenny. I'm so sorry your five weeks of fame were marred by a smarmy jerk. But at least you'll get to see your daughter soon!



This was definitely a shock. Poor Will is charming, good-looking, and polite, but apparently that wasn't enough for Rachel. Goodbye, Will. DM me if you want my number.



Apparently this was the "hardest goodbye" for Rachel to say? If you say so, girl! Bye, Alex! I'll miss your Russian accent and sexually aggressive attitude.

Phew! So it was a big elimination week, with six guys gone and six guys left.

We're getting down to the intense part of the The Bachelorette and starting to see some clear front runners. There's the fan favorite Dean, who two weeks ago opened his heart to Rachel by sharing his tragic story of losing his mom when he was just 15 years old.

Then we have the unsung hero Eric, who Rachel really seems to be warming up to recently. There's also Bryan, who seems like a generic brand version of Dean to me, but Rachel seems into him.

And let's not forget about sweet Peter from Wisconsin, who Rachel climbed like a damn tree in that hot tub.

We've also got Matt and Adam left, but I honestly could not pick them out of a lineup.

Only a few more weeks to go, Bachelor Nation!