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Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey in 'Bachelor In Paradise' Season 8

Wait, How Much Time Really Passed Between The Bachelorette & BIP?

Gabby and Rachel's guys didn't get much downtime.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

When Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia descended upon the beaches of Bachelor In Paradise Season 8, the guys from their season were pretty shocked. It makes sense that they reacted that way; they had just gone through breakups with Gabby and Rachel, and they were busy navigating new relationships (and possible engagements). But with the guys’ big reactions to seeing their Bachelorette exes in Paradise, fans might be wondering exactly how much time there was between filming The Bachelorette Season 19 and Bachelor In Paradise Season 8. It turns out, there was not much time at all.

Usually, Bachelor In Paradise premieres at the beginning of the summer, but because The Bachelorette didn’t premiere until July this year, the premiere of BIP Season 8 was pushed back, too. The late premiere date doesn’t seem to have shifted the filming schedule too much, though. On June 9, host Jesse Palmer posted to Instagram a photo of him on the Paradise beach with the caption, “With the power vested in me, I now officially declare Paradise OPEN!!!” Based on that post, it looks like filming for BIP began in early June.

The fan account @bachelordata broke down a timeline of Gabby and Rachel’s relationships that estimates filming for The Bachelorette ended around May 14 and filming for BIP began around June 7. That definitely did not leave much time for Gabby and Rachel’s exes to get over them before they jumped into their new BIP relationships.

Another major hint about when BIP filmed is the rings on Gabby and Rachel’s fingers. They were both wearing their engagement rings during their time in Paradise. Gabby and her fiancé Erich Schwer didn’t break up until November 2022, so it makes sense that she’d still be engaged during BIP filming. But Rachel and Tino Franco split up at some point between the Bachelorette finale and the “After the Final Rose” episode. Rachel explained that she and Tino started to have issues in their relationship once the Bachelorette season premiered in July. So it makes sense that Rachel would appear happily engaged in Paradise if she filmed it in June, right after filming for The Bachelorette ended.

It’s clear there was a very fast turnaround between The Bachelorette and BIP, which also makes it clear why emotions were running so high when Gabby and Rachel arrived on the beach.

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