'Grey's Anatomy' will stream on Disney+ for the first time in March.

All 19 Seasons Of Grey's Anatomy Will Be On Disney+ V Soon

Time for a rewatch!

If you were looking for a reason to scrub back into Grey’s Anatomy, this might be it. The long-running medical drama is expanding to a new streaming home, where fans will be able to marathon all 19 seasons whenever they’re in the need for some horny hospital happenings. Starting in March 2024, Disney+ will add the entirety of Grey’s Anatomy to its library, just in time for you to brush up before the new season premieres that same month.

Disney announced the acquisition on Dec. 11, revealing that the Grey’s addition will coincide with the launch of a new Disney+ and Hulu combined app for bundle subscribers. But don’t worry if you only subscribe to one of those streamers — Grey’s will be available on both Disney+ and Hulu individually as well.

Even better, the new deal doesn’t have any immediate downside for Grey’s Anatomy fans who use Netflix to watch their fave drama. All 19 seasons will continue to be available on Netflix as well, along with Disney+ and Hulu. Basically, you’ll be able to check in with the Grey Sloan gang on almost every major streamer come March.


The timing coincides with the upcoming premiere of Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 on ABC. The long-awaited season face some delays in production, but it’s now slated to drop its first episode on March 14. Initially, fans were skeptical about what direction Season 20 might take, considering Meredith Grey’s highly-publicized exit from the series in Season 19. But it’s since been confirmed that Ellen Pompeo will continue to provide her voiceover narration for the show, and will return as Meredith at least a couple times in the new season.

As for when (and where) Season 20 will be available to stream — that could wind up being a drawback for Netflix subscribers. Although the streamer is retaining the rights to the first 19 seasons of the show, it sounds like future seasons will be streaming on Hulu and Disney+.

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