The cast of 'Schitt's Creek' may have had a wedding finale, but they've got new projects in the work...
Here's What The Schitt's Creek Cast Is Up To In 2021

They’re certainly keeping busy.

by Ani Bundel
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When the Dan and Eugene Levy collaboration Schitt's Creek first started, no one involved in the project could predict it would become one of their career highlights. Lost in the upper echelons of the cable dial on PopTV in America, the CBC series initially only garnered a small audience. But the show has become one of the most historic TV comedies of all time, with six seasons and seven Emmy wins. But all good things must come to an end. With the series finale now having aired over a year ago, the cast has moved on. So, what is the Schitt's Creek cast doing now, and how can fans see more of their faves?

Even though Schitt's Creek turned many of its cast members into household names, most had careers long before the series began. Show creator and star Dan Levy (David Rose) made a name for himself as a comedian on MTV Canada. His father, Eugene Levy (Johnny Rose), with whom he collaborated in making the series, is marking 50 years as a working actor. Catherine O'Hara (Moira Rose) also has a long and storied career, with several roles in which she co-starred opposite Eugene. Of the Rose family, only Annie Murphy (Alexis Rose) was a semi-newcomer, having only done multiple CW series. (It says a lot how "only" is a relative term here.)

Their co-stars are no slouches either. Chris Elliot (Roland Schitt) has been on TV since the early 1980s. He started as a stand-up comedian on David Letterman’s eponymous show before moving onto Get A Life in the 1990s, Everybody Loves Raymond in the aughts, and How I Met Your Mother in the early 20-teens. Emily Hampshire (Stevie Budd) did double duty during Schitt's Creek, starring in the Canadian comedy *and* the SyFy TV drama 12 Monkeys at the same time. Karen Robinson also worked on two shows at once, starring in The Frankie Drake Mysteries while she was recurring as Ronnie Lee.

Despite the show being his baby, Dan Levy also did side stints, including hosting two seasons of The Great Canadian Baking Show. (Note for fans of Netflix's Great British Baking Show, the Canadian version is def worth checking out.)

Unsurprisingly, all of these actors have booked work since the series ended. Let's run down what's come out and what's coming up:

Eugene Levy
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After Schitt's Creek, Levy could be resting on his laurels, but the longtime actor is already onto a new project, this time doing voiceover work. His latest role is the voice of Fire Chief Ducky in the animated project The Beast, Heroes of the Wildfire. The cartoon retells the story of one of the largest wildfire evacuations in Canadian history, and it will team him up yet again with Catherine O'Hara.

Catherine O'Hara
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With timeless classics like Home Alone and Beetlejuice on her resume, O'Hara too could take this moment to relax after Schitt’s. But, like Levy, O'Hara isn't done. She's also in The Beast, Heroes of the Wildfire, in the leading role of Mayor Owl. But that's only one of her 2021 projects. The other is Extinct, an animated film originally meant for a 2020 release but was held until theaters reopened; the film finally debuted in February 2021. Her co-stars included Adam DeVine, Rachel Bloom, Zazie Beetz, and Ken Jeong.

Dan Levy
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Levy hasn't slowed down since finishing his stint as David Rose. In 2020, he starred in HBO's Coastal Elites, the Hulu holiday drama Happiest Season, and the Quibi show Dishmantled. His 2021 dance card is currently blank other than an appearance on Saturday Night Live (where Eugene joined him in a surprise cameo), but that can't possibly last long. He is currently working on multiple original projects, including a rom-com that would feature him in the leading role.

Annie Murphy
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Murphy has parlayed her Schitt's Creek fame into her next TV comedy role. She's playing the lead in the new 2021 series, Kevin Can F*** Himself. Murphy plays Allison, the stereotypical sitcom wife to Kevin, whose life is a multi-cam comedy series. But when Allison leaves the room to face reality, she discovers all the hoped-for suburban TV bliss trappings are a trap of a different kind. The series is streaming on AMC+ and airs linearly on AMC as well.

Chris Elliott
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After being part of Schitt's Creek, Elliott worked on two new projects. The first, The Shivering Truth, aired its second season on Adult Swim in 2020. (Both seasons are now streaming on HBO Max.) The other, Christmas vs. The Walters, is an indie comedy slated to arrive in November or December 2021 as part of the holiday movie slate. Elliott will star alongside Shawnee Smith, best known for the Saw franchise, and 30 Rock's Dean Winters. Most recently, he's been cast in ABC's new TV comedy Maggie, about a woman who discovers she is psychic.

Emily Hampshire
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Since leaving behind her role as Stevie, Hampshire moved on with multiple brand-new projects. The first was Quibi's 50 States of Fright, followed by her starring role in a Canadian horror film called Home. She has also joined the cast of Epix's Chapelwaite, the Adrian Brody-led Steven King adaptation, and will star in Amazon Studio's supernatural mini-series The Rig alongside Game of Thrones' Iain Glen. But Hampshire hasn't left comedy behind entirely. In 2022, she'll star as Mary Hartman in the remake of the 1970s satirical soap Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.

Karen Robinson
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Robinson has also been trucking along, appearing in Netflix's Tiny Pretty Things and CBS All Access' Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 as the leader of the Trill. In 2021, she appeared in Season 3 of ABC's family drama, A Million Little Things as Florence, while also appearing in the CBC's police comedy-drama Pretty Hard Cases. She also joined the cast of Hallmark's most recent installment of Morning Show Mysteries, "Murder Ever After." Next up, she's in a new comedy coming to The CW, which had been under the working title Cloister F*cked but is currently untitled.

Jennifer Robertson
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Like many of her fellow Schitt's Creek stars, Robertson came up as a sketch comedian in Canada. Since the show ended, she started two new projects, one on TV and the other on film. The TV series, Ginny & Georgia, is one of Netflix's latest hits. The film, Hello, Goodbye, And Everything In Between, is unscheduled due to the ongoing shutdown of theaters due to lockdowns, but will hopefully find a new premiere slot in 2021.

Sarah Levy
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If you thought Schitt's Creek wasn't a family affair enough, it doesn't just feature Eugene and Dan Levy, but also Dan's sister, Sarah Levy, as Twyla. She's also got plenty lined up for 2021, including the indie film Distancing Socially, the Syfy drama The Surrealtor (which also stars Tim Rozon, who played Mutt Schitt), and the upcoming Fox series Patty's Auto.

Noah Reid
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The only main actor not to appear in all six seasons of Schitt's Creek, Noah Reid starred as Patrick, one of the series' most important characters. Since the show ended, Reid starred as the lead in The Archivists, which premiered at TIFF's first virtual film festival. He's also in the recently debuted Amazon's Outer Range, in which he appears alongside Josh Brolin.

All six seasons of Schitt’s Creek are streaming on Netflix.

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