Megan's laptop is a secret in the 'Cruel Summer' Season 2, Episode 6 promo.

Megan Has Another Secret In This Shady Cruel Summer Sneak Peek Clip

This girl, I swear...


Megan’s secret life has only gotten shadier and shadier as Season 2 of Cruel Summer has gone on, and now it seems like her mom is starting to put the pieces together. The first look at Episode 6 of Cruel Summer Season 2 focuses on Megan’s hacker-girl lifestyle in the Summer 2000 timeline, as a mysterious new computer sets off some alarms for Debbie. TBH, I think we all know where the new laptop came from, and it could be a major hint at what’s really going on with Luke’s murder mystery.

Spoiler alert: This post contains details from Cruel Summer Season 2, Episode 5. As many fans had already guessed, the fifth episode of Cruel Summer Season 2 confirmed that Megan had formed a secret relationship with Ned, the mysterious loner who is apparently lauded as a coding genius despite his eccentric behavior. The first look at Episode 6 seems to reveal more details about that connection, as Megan thanks him for helping her hack into some files, and then asks for “another assist.” When her mother walks in on the IM convo, she asks where her daughter got her new laptop from. There are two obvious answers that should come to fans’ minds. The most probable is that Ned got his mentee a new laptop to help in her hacker training. Then, there’s also the chance Isabella bought the computer for her bestie as a means of apologizing — it wouldn’t be the first time she spent too much money on a gift for Megan.

Check out the sneak peek clip for yourself below.

So far, Ned has barely had any screen-time, but fans are still picking up clues that he’s a major player in Season 2’s mystery. There are even theories that he could be Megan’s biological father, which would explain their close bond. Whatever the nature of their relationship, the past couple of episodes have provided more than enough proof that Megan puts a lot of trust in Ned, meaning he could be someone who actually knows the truth about what happened to Luke.

Find out what’s really going on when the sixth episode of Cruel Summer Season 2 airs Monday, July 3 on Freeform at 9 p.m. ET, and streams the next day on Hulu.