'The Ultimatum' Season 2 reunion revealed which couples are still together after the show.

Here's Where Every Couple On The Ultimatum Season 2 Stands Today

I was expecting A LOT more breakups.


Spoiler alert: This post details events from throughout The Ultimatum Season 2, including its finale and reunion.

Another season of The Ultimatum has come and gone, and surprisingly, the chaotic marriage experiment left a lot less wreckage in its wake this time around. Although all five conflicted couples who were part of the new season had their fair share of issues, they all got some form of happy ending. The season finale had a pretty shocking twist when it came to the engagements, but the real jaw-dropper came at the reunion when all of the Season 2 couples revealed who was still together and who had broken up after the show.

For the first time in The Ultimatum’s history, every single couple got engaged in the season’s finale. And that was a pretty big surprise considering all the issues it still seemed like each relationship had to deal with. But of course, the real question isn’t who got engaged, but who stayed engaged. As host Vanessa Lachey let slip during the reunion, Season 2 was filmed 10 months before it actually aired, which is a lot of time for a potentially shaky engagement to fall apart.

But no — this season turned out to be an all-around success story, it would seem. Although, I guess that would depend on whether you think these couples really out to be walking down the aisle together or not. Whatever fans’ thoughts, all five couples are still together, with four of them still engaged.

Lisa & Brian — Together


They didn’t get the full Ultimatum experience, but Lisa and Brian’s newborn son did more than enough to bring the two together after their early exit. At the reunion, the couple confirmed they are still together, but have put off discussions of marriage as they focus on parenting.

Riah & Trey — Engaged


For most of the show, it didn’t seem like Riah and Trey could make their relationship work, but surprisingly, the marriage-resistant Riah did end up saying yes to Trey’s proposal in the end. And at the reunion, they shared that they’re planning to get married at some point in 2025.

Ryann & James — Engaged


Ryann and James definitely had some stuff to work through, but after going through The Ultimatum, James was finally able to open up about his past traumas to Ryann. He also finally popped the question, and Ryann and James confirmed at the reunion they are still engaged.

Kat & Alex — Engaged


Alex may have stirred up some spicy drama during his trial marriage, but his real relationship ended up on solid ground. Kat revealed she and Alex have been deep in their wedding planning since the show, and plan to say “I do” very soon.

Roxanne & Antonio — Engaged


Perhaps the most surprising engagement of all was Roxanne and Antonio’s. Throughout The Ultimatum, Roxanne remained stalwart that she didn’t believe in marriage, and that she also didn’t see Antonio as an ambitious enough partner for her. However, she did wind up saying yes when Antonio proposed, and although she didn’t wear her ring to the reunion, the couple confirmed they are still engaged.