Lisa Horne from 'The Ultimatum' Season 2 revealed when she found out she was pregnant.

Lisa Reveals The Exact Timeline Of Her Ultimatum Pregnancy

Here's what really happened.

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Spoiler alert: This post details events from the first three episodes of The Ultimatum Season 2.

The new season of The Ultimatum got off to a truly unexpected start, and it’s all because of Lisa. Not only did she start a massive fight right off the bat, but she also revealed a big surprise that caused her and her boyfriend Brian to leave the experiment much sooner than expected. After her sudden departure, some of the other contestants wondered exactly when Lisa found out about her pregnancy. Now, she’s telling the full story to Elite Daily.

The whole cast was shocked when Lisa and Brian didn’t show up at the trial marriage choices ceremony, and host Nick Lachey revealed why the couple was no longer part of the show. He said that Lisa recently learned she was pregnant, which caused Brian and herself to pull out of The Ultimatum and focus on their soon-to-be baby. The revelation came shortly after Lisa had an explosive fight with Brian over how he had been flirting with Riah. As Riah recounted the blowup at the ceremony, Alex speculated that Lisa might have been especially on edge if she already knew she was pregnant at that moment — “I wonder if she knew,” he pondered aloud.

But no, that wasn’t the case, Lisa reveals. “I didn't find out about my pregnancy until two days after the cocktail party,” she says. She goes on to say that Alex’s conjecture makes no sense, because she was clearly drinking at the cocktail party. “No, I didn't know prior to that. If I had known, I wouldn't have been tossing back Tito’s,” Lisa says. “I understand why people would feel the way that they felt. They're entitled to voice their suspicions or whatnot. But I wouldn't have been intentionally trying to give my baby fetal alcohol syndrome.”


Lisa says that the pregnancy has brought out a whole new side of Brian. “I definitely received a different Brian,” she says. “After the pregnancy and everything, he was and is way more intentional and just more open and loving.”

They may not have gotten the full Ultimatum experience, but it sounds like things worked out just fine for Lisa and Brian.

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