TXT's Soobin and Bebe Rexha shared the cutest Twitter exchange after the 2022 American Music Awards ...

TXT’s Soobin & Bebe Rexha’s Budding Friendship Is So Wholesome

He scored her phone number after the 2022 AMAs.

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MOAs will never be able to get over TXT’s Soobin and Bebe Rexha’s friendship. The stars have interacted on social media for years and have even expressed interest in collaborating together one day. On Sunday, Nov. 20, they both attended the 2022 American Music Awards and although they didn’t get to meet IRL, Soobin and Bebe promised to hang out soon. You won’t be able to stop smiling once you see their latest wholesome Twitter exchange.

Soobin has said time and time again that Bebe is one of his favorite artists. In April 2020, the two met virtually on Instagram Live, but have yet to introduce themselves in person. As you can imagine, Soobin couldn’t help but fanboy over being able to watch Bebe perform live at the AMAs. “Finally I saw @BebeRexha !!! After watching your performamce, I was so amazed and now I can blissfully sleep well,” Soobin tweeted after the show alongside photos of Bebe on stage. “Next time, lets definitely have a meet and greet plz...!”

Considering Bebe is a big TXT fan as well, she loved the idea of finally being able to meet Soobin in person. “Let’s meet in LA!!! Where are you today?!” she tweeted in response.

However, their meeting will have to wait because Soobin was no longer in Los Angeles when the Twitter exchange went down. “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Unfortunately, I’m already on the plane back to Seoul,” Soobin told Bebe. “Should I get off? :( Pretty please for a selfie together if we get to meet up next time... Much love for you, always!!”

Bebe agreed to catch up with Soobin soon and even promised to give him her contact info to make it easier to communicate. “I will message you my number!!!!” she said.

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That wasn’t the only social media exchange that happened between Soobin and Bebe. On Nov. 22, Bebe posted a TikTok reacting to Soobin telling a reporter on the AMAs red carpet that he couldn’t wait to watch her perform on the show. She was flattered by the comment and even sent Soobin a virtual kiss to express her thanks. “awwww 💙 you Soobin,” she captioned the clip.

I need Soobin and Bebe to collaborate ASAP! Hopefully, it won’t take too long before the stars can finally meet.