Soobin of K-Pop group TXT hits the red carpet.

Bebe Rexha Said "I Love You" To Soobin & His Response Was Too Dang Pure

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Bebe Rexha and TXT just blessed the internet with a much-needed dose of wholesome content. Like the rest of us, Rexha and the K-Pop band are stuck at home, so they decided to hop on Instagram Live to pass the time. They shared plenty of laughs, but there was one moment that was particularly sweet. TXT's Soobin's reaction to Bebe Rexha saying she loves him on IG live was everything.

Just some background: Soobin is a huge fan of Rexha, so getting to chat with her live was beyond exciting for him. Soobin was smiling from ear-to-ear while he and his bandmates discussed music, relationships, and more with the pop goddess. Seeing as the live chat was only announced a day before it went down on April 7, fans were understandably freaking out as well. The hashtag #BebeRexhaWithTXT flooded Twitter and soon trended worldwide.

To start, Rexha and the boys chatted it up about everything other than music. After taking a stab at pronouncing their names, Rexha asked the members if they had girlfriends. They clearly were not expecting the question and their reaction was so adorable.

She went on to share a snippet of an unreleased song of hers with the band, and they were blown away. After hearing the track, Soobin seriously could not contain his excitement.

But it was the moment Rexha singled Soobin out and told him she loved him that was just too pure for words. "Love you Soobin, love you guys," she said as she signed off, which pretty much left him speechless.

Soobin shyly covered his eyes with his hands and the adorable moment was a must-see for fans.

Not only are Rexha and the TXT guys total friendship goals, but they could be collaborators in the future. Yep, at one point Rexha even said she wanted to hit the studio with the band.

After TXT signed off, they shared a special thank you message for Bebe, and let her know they'd be so down for a collab.

"Thank you so much for doing an Instagram Live session with us Bebe Rexha! We enjoyed it very much! Let's collaborate for sure! Looking forward to it a lot," they wrote in a tweet.

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TXT and Rexha not only gave fans the ultimate surprise by going live, but they gave them something to look forward to. A collab between would undoubtedly be epic, and I'll be over here patiently waiting for them to make it happen.