TXT On Their New Album And Why It Offers An Escape For MOA

With The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE, the K-Pop group is leaving the isolation of the past year behind.

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“I'm running away, beyond this f*cked up world, my hand clutching yours.” Those are some of the most impactful lyrics from TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s new single, “LO$ER=LO♡ER,” off their latest album, The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE, which dropped on Tuesday, Aug. 17. That raw emotion sets the tone for the rest of the project, which speaks directly to Gen Z, who have to grow up, find love, and discover themselves amid the coronavirus pandemic. Having debuted in March 2019, TXT is uniquely qualified to speak to those feelings. They experienced most of their biggest moments of growth during these isolating times, and they long for the opportunity to perform for their fans in person. Until then, they’re sharing their experiences through their music.

Speaking with Elite Daily, Yeonjun says their songwriting process has helped TXT communicate their emotions to fans at a time when in-person events aren’t possible. “We’re trying to tell our story just as it is as we live day by day in this current generation,” he says. “I think the stories we tell are experiences and feelings that everyone living in this generation can relate to, including but not limited to Gen Z. This is probably why people have been able to empathize with our songs.”

TXT has released a total of five albums and EPs throughout the pandemic. Each project has told a unique story about the group’s experience as young adults forced to grow up in unusual circumstances. Soobin says the first record in their Chaos Chapter era, The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE, which dropped on May 31, centered around a boy who felt “lost, alone, and frozen” in this world. In their album’s lead single, “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)” feat. Seori, the protagonist falls in love, and his feelings for that special someone motivate him to keep pushing forward despite the chaos around him.

Now, TXT is continuing their story with The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE. “[The album] takes us further into how this boy feels about the love that has turned his world upside down,” Soobin says. “Because of his love, he isn’t content with staying frozen. He wants to take action and change things for the better — not only for himself, but for her.”

That leads listeners to TXT’s newest single, “LO$ER=LO♡ER,” in which the group tells a story about a “loser” who desires to be a hero and “lover” to his one and only. “This life like a war I'm always the loser / You were my savior,” TXT sings during the second verse. “On the edge of the cliff, your light leads me / Making me a winner.” Yeonjun, who helped write the song, says he wanted the lyrics to incorporate a specific theme: “As long as we’re together, we can defeat anything.” The message hits home for those who may have lost hope during the pandemic but found a sense of comfort in those around them.

As for TXT, they found relief by writing lyrics about their thoughts and feelings for their fans, called MOA. Yeonjun says, “Being able to share your day with somebody and emotionally connect with them is an incredibly comforting experience.”

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To thank MOA for their unwavering support, all five members of TXT wrote a song about them called “MOA Diary.” The group admits the track was difficult to write because there was too much they wanted to say. “It was a bit of a struggle trying to fit everything I wanted to tell MOA into one song,” Taehyun says. HueningKai adds, “There were too many precious moments I could think of, so the writing process involved a lot of contemplation on my end as I tried to narrow down my points of focus.”

In the song, TXT promises fans that they can trust each other. The group shared actual diary entries in their physical albums that highlight times when they’ve experienced hardships. “We do believe that it’s more important for us to express ourselves genuinely and openly, to be true to who we are as a team and as people,” Taehyun says. “I very much enjoy being able to share these personal aspects because it feels like we, MOA and us, are deepening our bond and trust. I hope that our sincerity and honesty can be a source of strength for everyone, should they need it.”

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In June, TXT’s third studio album, The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE, debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 chart, proving how much their music resonates with MOA. Beomgyu says the group was “incredibly shocked” at the achievement: “It was beyond what we had expected. We’re very happy that our music was able to touch so many people, and we’re eager to continue our story through songs.”

TXT hopes it won’t be long before they can reunite with fans. “We’re always doing our best to connect with MOA through various ways, but we definitely still miss seeing them from the stage,” Soobin says. “We hope situations will improve soon because the five of us miss our MOA very much.”

For now, fans can stay connected with TXT by listening to their latest album, The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE, below.

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