Twitter Blew Up When The Twins Confused Scallops With Vegetables On 'Paradise'

by Laura Rizzo

The twins, Emily and Haley Ferguson, entered Bachelor in Paradise prepared to roll through like a thunderstorm. The girls were not messing around this season. Both the twins had their eyes and hearts set on (unobtainable) men — Dean and Derek. In the midst of all the reality TV drama, the only thing Twitter could talk about was that the Ferguson twins didn't know what scallops were. Tweets about the twins on Bachelor in Paradise were absolutely brutal and kind of hilarious.

If you haven't watch any of Bachelor In Paradise, here's all you need to know: Dean is a f*ckboy, Wells is hilarious, and Christen is scallop fingers. Scallop fingers evolved after Christen took a to-go box of scallops to the club one night before even coming on Paradise. She also licks her fingers a lot. This sounds like something I made up, but it's truly not. Overall, not a flattering nickname.

Now that you have the background details, you can understand why scallops have been a hot topic in Paradise. This is an important detail to keep in mind for later. The twins arrived in Paradise ready to be Miss Steal Yo Man, but they were sadly mistaken. Emily wanted desperately to take Dean out and Haley was hot for Derek. Derek is in a pretty serious relationship with Taylor, and Dean just sorted out his Danielle-Kristina love triangle. Needless to say, he wasn't looking for another dramatic twist in Paradise.

After being rejected by both guys, the twins settled for Jack Stone and Tickle Monster — they were not thrilled. Here's the biggest slap in the face: Jack Stone backed out of the date at the last minute to spend more time with Christen. SCALLOP FINGERS. This is all legit middle school cafeteria nonsense.

The twins stormed out of Paradise with their middle fingers in the air and their heads held high. They took out their frustration by throwing raw scallops at the ground and yelled, “F*ck you, Jack Stone! F*ck you, scallop fingers!”

Here's the funny part: Throwing the scallops was ironic because the twins didn't know what scallops were in the first place. Literally the phrase, “Scallops are vegetables,” was said. Obviously, you can't say something like that on national television. Twitter was there to remind everyone that the twins didn't know what scallops were. Thanks, Twitter!

Although the twins had a terrible time in Paradise, we'll always have their memorable quotes to relive. Hope you find love soon, ladies.