Kristina Finally Called Dean Out On ‘Bachelor In Paradise,’ But The Drama’s Not Over

by Dylan Kickham

The dramatic love triangle at the center of this season of Bachelor in Paradise finally blew up in Monday's new episode, but although Kristina called out Dean for his bullsh*t at long last, the drama is still at an all-time high. After weeks of leading Kristina on while also very openly dating Danielle L., Dean finally made his choice between the two women at Kristina's insistence, but he decided to drop Kristina and get with Danielle instead. This was definitely not a popular decision among Paradise fans, who have been watching Kristina agonize over Dean's shady tendencies for weeks, but at least it finally put an end to this tiresome love triangle, right? Well... not exactly. The Dean and Kristina drama on Bachelor in Paradise is far from over.

On Monday's new episode, the explosion that Bachelor Nation has been waiting all season for came to a head. After weeks of pressing Dean to choose between herself and Danielle L., Kristina made one last ultimatum, and Dean finally stopped weaseling his way out of it with both girls still fighting over him. Dean told Kristina that he would be choosing Danielle moving forward, and it hit Kristina hard. After all, Dean and Kristina was one of the first couples to get together on Paradise, and it initially seemed like they were going to go the distance... until Danielle L. walked in, that is.


In the weeks that followed, Dean quickly dropped from fan favorite to season villain by dating both Danielle and Kristina, without much consideration for Kristina's feelings about the triangle. After their breakup on Monday's episode, Kristina began to lash out at Danielle, but Raven was able to help her realize Dean was the one playing with her heart, not Danielle.

In the end, Kristina shocked fans by choosing to leave the show rather than continue on and try to find another romance, while Danielle gave her rose out to Dean shortly afterwards. Here's hoping Kristina can find someone who really cares about her now that she's off the show.