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Tristan Tried To Drag "Gossipers" On Twitter, And Now He's The 1 Getting Dragged

Tristan's critics think this is a classic case of deflection.

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On Aug. 16, after a Twitter critic reacted negatively to a report that Khloe Kardashian and ex Tristan Thompson were reuniting, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum clapped back. Hours later, Thompson shared his own response on Twitter. Now, Tristan Thompson’s tweet shaming “gossipers” is getting backlash.

Kardashian and Thomspon, who share a 3-year-old daughter, True, broke up in June amidst rumors Thompson cheated… again. The NBA player, 30, continues to interact with Kardashian on social media, however, prompting rumors that the couple has reunited once again. In response to a report that the on-again, off-again pair were trying to work things out, a Twitter user wrote, "At this point @khloekardashian has no self-worth. Anyway…"

As soon as Kardashian got a glimpse of the comment, she replied, "You're telling me you made an assessment about my life because of a random blog? I think that says more about you than it does about me."

It seems Thompson didn’t appreciate fans speculating either, because he decided to share his own thoughts as well. "Gossipers are worse than thieves because they attempt to steal another person's dignity, honor, credibility, and reputation which are difficult to restore," he wrote.

In a second tweet, he added, "So remember this: when your feet slip, you can restore your balance. When your tongue slips, you cannot recover your words. Act accordingly."

Sadly, Thompson’s Twitter speech backfired. Twitter users reacted to Thompson’s post, calling him a hypocrite for shaming gossipers when he’s been caught cheating on Kardashian numerous times. “You have a lot of nerve,” one fan wrote. “You’ll never change. But just keep it real. Your actions are what most expected of you. Should have proved them wrong. Your a father. You should be a role model for what is acceptable how you want your daughter to be treated, and how your son should act.”

Other fans shared similar sentiments.

Thompson has yet to address the backlash.