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Even Travis Kelce Knows Love Is Blind Is "So F*cking Good"

Does this mean Taylor watched, too?

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Despite the Super Bowl wins and popstar girlfriend, Travis Kelce continues to be relatable. Whether he’s manifesting his dreams on Twitter or watching reality TV on Netflix, Travis is truly a man of the people — and in a March 20 episode of his New Heights podcast, he proved it. During the show, Travis told his brother Jason Kelce about watching Love Is Blind Season 6. Turns out, the Kansas City Chiefs player is a big fan.

“Jason, you gotta watch Love Is Blind, man,” Travis told his brother before comparing it to his own dating reality show, which premiered on E! in 2016. “It's worse than Catching Kelce, but it's so f*cking good.” (Side note: Taylor Swift and Travis have reportedly been vacationing together in the Bahamas, so there’s a chance they streamed LIB together.)

Jason wasn’t interested despite Travis’ elevator pitch. “I'm not watching,” he told Travis. But the Chiefs player wasn’t ready to take no for an answer. “Oh my God, Jason, please,” Travis continued.

But Jason wasn’t giving in. “No, I'm not watching that trash. I'm not encouraging Netflix or any of these other subscription channels to make any more of this nonsense bullsh*t.”

Specifically, Travis said there was one contestant he wanted Jason to see: Chelsea Blackwell. “Honestly, I just want you to watch the one girl and hear her,” he continued before imitating some of Chelsea’s less-than-flattering moments. “Do you think I'm clingy? I'm clingy? Really?” Travis said in a high-pitched voice.


Chelsea then responded on her IG Stories. “Travis Kelce did an impersonation of me, and the only outlet that this man knows ... me is from whining like a baby back b*tch,” she said. “Taylor Swift, if you’re watching it with him, please stop.”

To catch you up to speed: In Season 6, Chelsea and her then-fiancé Jimmy Presnell got in frequent disagreements, often surrounding Jimmy spending time with his friends or not showing Chelsea enough affection. (They’ve since broken up.) After she accused him of not saying “I love you” enough or kissing her enough, Jimmy said that she was being clingy — hence Travis quoting that scene.

For her part, Chelsea has spoken out about their on-screen disagreements, which she agreed were unflattering. Still, she said that there was “context missing.” She told People, “I look like a literal insane person when it comes to exposing my life and having my relationship open to the world.”

Chelsea added that she started therapy for the first time after filming. “I’ve never seen a therapist before,” the Season 6 star said. “I never really sat with my inner demons or issues that I’ve had or relationship issues. I healed in such a unique way ... I think everyone should benefit from a therapist. I have a great relationship with mine. I’ve taken on meditation. I’ve done so much for my mental health, and I just feel like I’m in the best spot I’ve ever been in my entire life.”

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