Love Is Therapy
Chelsea from 'Love Is Blind' started going to therapy after her breakup with Jimmy.

Chelsea From Love Is Blind Started Therapy After “Insane” Fights With Jimmy

“I never really sat with my inner demons.”


Therapy is for everyone... especially people who have had the intimate details of their love life broadcast on international television. Chelsea had to learn that lesson the hard way as Season 6 of Love Is Blind aired. Her roller-coaster relationship with Jimmy faced more obstacles than expected, and the couple really didn’t handle their disagreements in a healthy way. Luckily, the tough experience had a silver lining: It showed Chelsea just how important therapy is.

“I’ve never seen a therapist before,” Chelsea told People of her decision to start therapy after filming the show. “I never really sat with my inner demons or issues that I’ve had or relationship issues. I healed in such a unique way ... I think everyone should benefit from a therapist. I have a great relationship with mine. I’ve taken on meditation. I’ve done so much for my mental health, and I just feel like I’m in the best spot I’ve ever been in my entire life.”

It’s nice to hear Chelsea is on top of her mental health, considering how critical viewers have been of her low moments. She seemed to be the internet’s number-one target for days after she compared her looks to Megan Fox in the pods, and her concerns over Jimmy’s true feelings about her led to endless online discourse. Most notably, she and Jimmy had an explosive fight after he hung out with a female friend he had previously hooked up with.

Chelsea agreed that she came out of that fight looking pretty bad, but added that a lot of important details about that disagreement and her other argument with Jimmy in the Dominican Republic were conveniently not shown.

“I think there was so much context missing from both of those massive arguments, which is so unfortunate because I look like a literal insane person when it comes to exposing my life and having my relationship open to the world,” Chelsea said. “There’s so much context that led me to those points that we’re missing. So it sucks to see those parts not be shown, but it is what it is.”


Looking back at her big blowup with Jimmy, Chelsea said she has mixed feelings about revealing he had hooked up with his friend, something Jimmy clearly did not want to be part of the show.

“I definitely do regret bringing it up on camera,” Chelsea said. “But in reality, this is my relationship, these are our issues, and I’m really sitting with this issue that I am not allowed to bring up at certain times, and that’s not fair.”

“I had to have that conversation. I didn’t care about the cameras,” she continued. “He was just very concerned about how he looked and how he was portrayed, and I just didn’t — clearly, I just didn’t give two craps.”