Love Is Awkward?
Jimmy and Chelsea on 'Love Is Blind' Season 6

Jimmy Addressed His Comment About Sex With Chelsea On Love Is Blind

Well, that’s that.


Spoiler alert: This post discusses details from the first eight episodes of Love Is Blind Season 6.

This season of Love Is Blind officially has its most controversial couple: Jimmy Presnell and Chelsea Blackwell. In Episode 8, which was released on Netflix on Feb. 21, the Season 6 couple had an awkward conversation about their sex life — specifically, Jimmy said he wanted a “breather” from being intimate. On Feb. 25, Jimmy clarified his comments, acknowledging he “could have said that better.”

ICYMI, in the episode, Chelsea told Jimmy that she felt he was inattentive. In particular, she had concerns about how often he kissed her and said “I love you” to her. He responded by saying she’d been “a little clingy.”

Here’s where things got extra tense. Chelsea told Jimmy, “I cooked you dinner, I stayed by myself, then I sat and watched your f*cking show with you. And you say I'm too clingy? And then went upstairs and had sex with you.” Jimmy replied, “Well, if you're going to bring up the sex, you're the one that wanted to have sex. I also maybe wanted a little breather from that, too.”


It was a tough moment for a couple that has already been struggling a bit with the transition from the pods to the real world, and in hindsight, Jimmy knew it wasn’t the best thing to say.

“I just thought that she was throwing in my face, like, ‘We had this day where you didn't love me and then you went upstairs and had sex with me,’” he told E! after the episode aired. “I felt that was extremely disrespectful for her to say, because she was the one that initiated.”

However, it definitely wasn’t Jimmy’s proudest moment. “There was 1,000 ways I could have said that better, but I felt like I was being attacked a lot of that time,” he added.

Looking back, Jimmy explained that the show was “not fun to watch.” He said, “I was just playing defense a lot and, in hindsight, I'm seeing how much she was picking fights with me,” he added. “It kind of makes me mad at myself for not just speaking my truth to her a little bit more.”