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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce at the London Eras Tour

Travis Kelce Explains Why He "Really Fell" For Taylor Swift

Truth, dare, spin bottles.

Travis Kelce got candid about his relationship with Taylor Swift during an episode of Barstool Sports’ Bussin’ With The Boys podcast, released June 25. During the interview, Kelce opened up about why he “really fell” for Swift, gave insight into how the couple manages all the public attention, and re-ranked his favorite Swift songs. (Plus, when the hosts mentioned Swift’s exes, Kelce handled it with grace.)

The podcast hosts, Will Compton and Taylor Lewan, brought up how she stayed to the side after the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory, letting Kelce shine. “She’s very self-aware. She understands situations like that, and I think that’s why I really started to really fall for her was how genuine she is around just like friends, family,” Kelce explained. “It can get crazy for somebody with that much attention. And she just keeps it so chill and so cool. I can admire it for sure.”

Kelce also brought up the first Chiefs game Swift attended, back in September 2023. “The first game she came to against the Bears… She just walked right through the front door,” Kelce recalled. “I was like, ‘Damn, she’s just in the madness.’ She wants to be a part of it. She wants to support me and do things like that. She really won me over with that.”

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Kelce also discussed what it’s been like to have a relationship in the public eye, explaining how they “kept it between us” up until Swift’s first game. “You wanna keep things private, but at the same time, I’m not here to hide anything. Like, that’s my girl. That’s my lady. I’m proud of that,” he explained.“So I’m not sitting here trying to juggle, ‘How can I keep this under wraps?’”

The Chiefs tight end gave an updated list of his top three favorite tracks from Swift: “Blank Space,” “Cruel Summer,” and “So High School,” which he called “sentimental.” (Previously, he listed “Blank Space,” “Alchemy,” and “So High School” as his faves.)

As the hosts shared their favorites, one had “Karma” as the top pick, which they guessed was about Jake Gyllenhaal. Kelce nonchalantly handled the namedrop of Swift’s ex, asking, “What happened?”

Later, the host mentioned Swift’s original “Karma” lyric, which was a nod to Joe Alwyn: “Wasn’t it ‘guy on the screen?’” Kelce — AKA “the guy on the Chiefs” — responded, “It was.”