Shawn Wells from Season 4 of Netflix's 'Too Hot To Handle'

Everything To Know About Shawn From Too Hot To Handle

He was a late arrival on the show.


On dating shows like Too Hot To Handle, there’s always some kind of twist around the corner. Sometimes it’s a last-minute change of the rules or, in the case of Too Hot To Handle, it’s the addition of new cast members late in the season. Shawn Wells arrived at the end of Season 4, along with Imogen Ewan, and he definitely shook things up.

When Shawn arrived at the retreat, he had plans to tear it up “like a Florida hurricane.” He had his sights set on one person and one person only: Kayla Richart. In fact, he went in saying he wanted “to take Kayla from whoever she’s with.” Shawn got the chance to take Kayla on a date, but her partner Seb Melrose put the kibosh on it. Shawn had to move on, so he instead set his sights on Jawahir Khalifa. Even though Jawahir confessed that she found Shawn attractive, she ultimately stuck with Nick Kici. That meant that Shawn wound up alone at the end of Too Hot To Handle Season 4. Perhaps if he had more time on the show, he would have had the time to let a relationship grow. Here’s everything to know about this Too Hot To Handle Season 4 contestant who could have used some more time with his fellow singles.

Too Hot To Handle’s Shawn Wells’ Real Job

Shawn is a model, and his roots on the runway go deep. According to an IG story he posted, his mom signed him up for modeling gigs as a baby. After a little break, Shawn decided to get back into modeling as an adult.

Shawn is also an Army vet who was honorably discharged. Now, the 25-year-old is beginning a career as a rapper and just released a single called “Christmas Bae.”

Too Hot To Handle’s Shawn Wells’ Instagram

Shawn doesn’t post a ton on his Instagram, but his grid does have some shots from his modeling portfolio. He also used his IG to promote his stint on Too Hot To Handle, as well as his newly released single. Shawn’s IG also links to his TikTok, where he seems to be a bit more active.

Too Hot To Handle’s Shawn Wells Facts

Shawn is originally from Florida, but he now lives in Houston, TX. He’s 6’1” and “225 pounds of pure muscle.” It’s too bad those stats didn’t help him find a partner on Too Hot To Handle, but his person is just waiting for him to “put the dirty in Dirty South,” as he put it.

Too Hot To Handle Season 4 is streaming on Netflix.