A Timeline Of Hiddleswift's Milestone Moments Leading Up To Their Engagement

If this news is true, it might be the most ludicrous news I've heard this year.

Reports have surfaced that Tom Hiddleston is getting ready to propose to his month-long lover, Taylor Swift. Because, you know, since they've been dating an entire month and all, it has to be true love.

I'm over the moon for them (you know what? I'm not even being sarcastic. This means Calvin Harris is officially freed up for me and available for the taking).

Hiddleswift's love has stood the test of time. In the midst of all the celebrity breakups, their love proves love DOES, in fact, exist. CONGRATS, YOU GUYS! Thank you for showing the rest of us mere mortals that sticking it out in a relationship and staying loyal to each other over long periods of time is what makes it work.


With that said, let us take a walk down memory lane at all of Taylor and Tom's greatest moments together, leading up to their marvelous, well-deserved, soon-to-be engagement, shall we?

When Tom met Taylor's besties:

When they took their first swim together:

When they embraced for the first time:

When they took their first hike together:

And when they shared their very first kiss:

Hold up. Why are Taylor and Tom wearing the same outfits in all of the photos? There's no way these pics could all be from the same day, right? They have hung out more than once?

Oh wait, no, they haven't.

Well, anyway, congrats, you lovebirds.