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This Video Of A Bored Crowd At The Renaissance Tour Has Fans Pissed

“Do you really have to act like you are watching a press conference?”

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When Beyoncé famously warned fans to “remain calm” on “Alien Superstar,” it seems some people took it to heart. Ever since the star kicked off her Renaissance tour on May 10, social media has been in an obsessive haze. And no, not in an unsettling, Swarm-inspired way. From the tour’s dizzying, avant-garde visuals to Beyoncé’s impressive setlist, it’ll be shocking to see a person in the crowd not enjoying the show. However, it appears that was the case for some attendees, who seemed *very* unfazed watching the singer perform.

On May 11, TikTok user David (@edavidm) shared a video of him attending the tour’s second show in Sweden. In the clip, David can be seen living his best life, sporting his Renaissance merch while grooving to Beyoncé performing “Alien Superstar.” While his reaction was a moment, it was the unmoved crowd behind him that had fans scratching their heads. Honestly, if you removed David from the video, this scenario looks like the newest version of the Mannequin Challenge.

Like other viewers, David was also shocked at the crowd. “Beyoncé, you don’t deserve this public,” he wrote in the caption, adding she should bring the tour to Latin America because the crowd will “give her everything.” As of now, Renaissance will only trek through Europe, Canada, and America.

Fans in the comments section were stunned (appalled, even) that a crowd would be this chill at her show. One user wrote, “I don’t get it why people buy ticket/s for a concert to be this bored or something,” while another observed the group “watched the concert like it’s a documentary.” Another sprinkled in some shade, noting the specific audience only wanted to hear Beyoncé’s slower tracks since they were an older demographic.

A third user commented, “That lady beside him is deadass judging Beyoncé,” and another noticed one woman had her “arms folded” while watching the performance. While the folded arms is... something, a fourth fan couldn’t take their eyes off the woman texting on her phone a few rows above David. “Nah bc some girls literally TEXTING like i get just looking and enjoying the presence but ON UR PHONE?” they commented.

This video eventually traveled over to Twitter, where many fans echoed a similar sentiment. Mostly, fans noted the crowd sitting wasn’t the issue, but rather their overall lack of enthusiasm was — especially considering “Alien Superstar” is an anthem designed for the dancefloor.

Another Twitter user compared this moment to a video of Lady Gaga excitedly performing “Bad Romance.” ICYMI, the singer noticed an audience member sitting in a similar way to the crowd in David’s video and commanded them to stand.

Check out more Twitter reactions of disbelief below.

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