Tom Houghton from 'The Circle' Season 5 lives in the Tower of London.

Yes, Tom From The Circle Is Actually That Big Of A Deal In The U.K.

He lives in the Tower of London.


Warning: Light spoilers for The Circle Season 5 follow. Most of The Circle’s contestants really love the cushy suites they’re set up in to compete in the show, but for one Season 5 player, the apartments are a serious downgrade. Tom Houghton shocked everyone when he revealed he actually lives in the Tower of London, the historic castle that houses the Crown Jewels of England. His living quarters may sounds stuffy, but Tom quickly won everyone over with his quick wit and humor. And yes, he really is a working comedian in real life. Here’s what fans should know about The Circle Season 5’s jokester Tom Houghton.

For someone so involved in the British monarchy, Tom is still able to find the humor in the grandeur. He revealed he’s actually in line for the British throne, but according to him, “it would have to be an Armageddon-level” situation for him to actually ascend to that seat of power. Instead, he’s content with his life as a comedian. Tom blew up on TikTok in 2021 by sharing hilarious videos chronicling his unique everyday life as a Tower of London resident. His father is Sir Nicholas Houghton, who’s the former Chief of the Defense Staff of the British Armed Forces, which is why the Houghton family lives in the historical site. A skit where he tried to order a pizza to the tower received over a million views, and helped kick-start his stand-up comedy career.

Since then, he’s put out two stand-up specials (which are available to watch on YouTube), and will be launching a U.K. comedy tour called Absolute Shambles at the beginning of 2023.

But before he leaves for tour, Tom will have to survive The Circle. Here’s everything to know about him.

The Circle Season 5’s Tom Houghton’s TikTok

Tom’s comedy career ascended thanks to his popular TikTok account. He regularly posts videos about life in the Tower of London that receive hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of views.

The Circle Season 5’s Tom Houghton’s Job

Tom’s stand-up comedy career is his main job.

The Circle Season 5’s Tom Houghton’s Age

As he said in his intro, Tom was 36 years old while filming The Circle.

The Circle Season 5’s Tom Houghton’s Instagram

Tom regular shares bits from his stand-up shows on Instagram, as well as his upcoming performance dates.