Oliver Twixt joined 'The Circle' Season 5 late, but brought tons of great energy.

Oliver Twixt Is Upping The Circle's Celeb Cachet

His work was featured on Beyoncé's Renaissance.


The Circle got some serious star power in Season 5, although it may have arrived a bit late. It wasn’t until the end of Episode 7 — already halfway through the competition — that Oliver Twixt strutted into the game. While he may have been a bit behind, Oliver quickly managed to form some friendships that could very well carry him to the finish line. Oh, and if he looks familiar, it might be because he has already been in the spotlight for a while now. Here’s all the tea on Oliver Twixt’s life outside The Circle.

In his intro on the show, Oliver introduced himself as a hip hop artist and content creator. True enough, Oliver has a buzzy rap career. He released his first single “Lolly” back in 2018, and has been steadily releasing singles ever since. His first album, Zap the Mixtape, was released in 2021.

Oliver has also made a name for himself outside of music. He’s appeared on the reality shows Chasing: Atlanta and Chasing: LA, along with being a series regular on The TS Madison Experience, which chronicled his friendship and creative collaborations with social media sensation TS Madison. He’s also amassed a large YouTube following thanks to his interviews with past contestants from America’s Next Top Model.

Most notably, one of Oliver’s creations was featured on Beyoncé’s 2022 album Renaissance. He posted an excited reaction when he found out a video he’d edited for TS Madison was sampled in the Bey track “Cozy.”

With all that social media swagger, Oliver seems more than ready to take over The Circle. Here’s everything else fans should know.

The Circle Season 5’s Oliver Twixt’s Age

As he said in his intro, Oliver was 26 while filming The Circle. His birthday is Feb. 10.

The Circle Season 5’s Oliver Twixt’s Job

Oliver is a hip hop artist and content creator. He is best known for editing TS Madison’s viral videos, as well as conducting numerous in-depth interview with former America’s Next Top Model contestants.

The Circle Season 5’s Oliver Twixt’s Instagram

Oliver is never one to shy away from a stunning, over-the-top look. See as his fashions as well as his latest music videos on his Instagram @heisolivertwixt.